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One common question that you will see many people asking software experts is about the most secure web programming languages. The question looks simple but in reality, it is a highly arguable query that has never failed to incite heated debates among software experts around the globe.

The question is honest because people availing web development services should have known which web programming language will suit their website and software requirements.

The website programming language you will select should enable you to speak the best with your users. We have multiple web programming languages available vying for attention with each one of them having their own zealots and disciples.

In this blog post, our aim will be to provide you with a glimpse into the current State of Security of the web programming languages and, ultimately provide you with the most suitable response that we can provide to this basic question.

Remember, the discussion we will make here is based on the recent Website Security Statistics report of WhiteHat. In this report, statistics around programming languages were deeply analyzed with the aim to measure their security performance.

Here we go:

WhiteHat Report On Security Of Web Programming Languages

According to WhiteHat report, 30,000 websites were used in the study made of almost all programming languages including Java, ColdFusion, PHP, PERL.NET/ASP coding languages.

white hat

In addition, there are newer languages like Python and Ruby-on-Rails which are gaining popularity very at a fast speed.

According to WhiteHat’s report, .NET is the most used language when it comes to construction of websites and software. It has been used in above 28% Websites and software around the globe.

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After .NET, it is the Java language that is used in maximum Software and Web sites. It is being used in above 24.9% software and websites. In terms of popularity and usage, ASP comes third after. NET and Java.

The usage of programming languages also depends on the industry for instance, in the gaming field websites; we see PHP languages are dominating while as in the financial industry, it is the ASP language that is being used most. Maximum Banking websites arebeing constructed with.Net and Java. In Government institutes, you will hardly find the use of Perl and ColdFusion.

Web Programming Languages – Common Vulnerabilities

How secure are these languages is in line with their usage percentage?

The Web programming languages that are being used most in software and websites have been rated less secure than the ones that are being used less.

web programming language

For example. NET has been found accounted for above 31% vulnerabilities while as ASP 15% and Java 28%.

Cross-site scripting issue has been found widely across ColdFusion, PHP, and, Java attack methods. XSS issue involves the injection of client-side scripts written in JavaScript into the pages of websites which users view just with the purpose to bypass access control.

In case of computer applications based on .NET Applications, chances of accidental revealing or information leakage remain more. It is the most prominent vulnerability found with .NET websites.

ColdFusion vulnerability has been the SQL injection at above 11% into the database- driven web apps to alter or manipulate underlying datastore.

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