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cms website development

It is mandatory for every business to possess a competitive edge and technical approach in today’s world. The majority of enterprises transpose or simply go ‘out of service’ because of their lack of business knowledge. There is so much to a business than just knowledge, and one of the most integral factors for a business is the management of its asset.

Custom Content Management System (CMS) is the best approach to keeping the data secured and affiliated. CMS has become one the internet’s most powerful web-developer tools since PHP. As helpful as it is, unfortunately, there are numerous CMS’s doing rounds around the web. This immense number makes it an ordeal to find to most accurate one.

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Whether you are considering setting up a blog or maintaining your website to enhance your online presence, CMS tools are always at your disposal. The selection of an accurate CMS tool depends entirely upon the requirement of a business. This is why I have decided to provide everyone with information about CMS.

cms website development

What is a CMS?

Content Management System is a software application which uses a database to edit, create, and store the content in a manageable way. An administration portion of the web application known as ‘Backend’ will store all the created and edited content. The end content is then displayed to the viewers on the regular site.

Here are some of the best CMS Platforms for Website Development:

1) Magento:

Magento is an e-commerce platform which is built on open source technology to offer online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. It is considered to be the leading CMS platforms in eCommerce industry which offers powerful search engine optimization, catalog-management, and marketing tools. It can easily alter the functionality, look, and content of an online store.

2) Latest Features of Magento:

a) PayPal in-context saved credit/debit cards and checkout.

b) Braintree enables merchants to qualify for the easiest set of PCI compliance.

c) Improved interfaces make it easier and faster to search for information.

3) WordPress:

WordPress is an open source website management and development tool based on PHP. It is considered to be the top-most CMS platform available on the internet today. WordPress is probably the most powerful website content management system which dons more than half of the market share.

4) Latest WordPress features:

a) Better Embed Templates, Smart Image Re-sizing, and Selective Refresh.

b) Custom Logos, Formatting Shortcuts, and Inline Linking.

c) JavaScript Library Updates.

5) Joomla:

Joomla is a CMS platform which is designed to be easy to set up and install for all basic and advanced users. Very few Web hosting services have a single-click installation. Joomla can be easily used by Web developers or designers to build an interactive website.

6) Latest Joomla features:

a) New button for easy access to all the modules.

b) A user-friendly way to add images directly to articles.

c) Multiple counters in the category view to keep a track of items.

cms website development

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There is no need to search for more functionality and crippling yourself (or your customers) when you have all these CMS platforms to help. CMS platforms make the creating and editing of content simple and easy. This ease of accessibility benefits the business in enhancing its productivity along with optimism.

It is really hard to determine which CMS platform is the best fit for your individual Web Development requirements. My suggestion is to shortlist the ones which support your cause and choosing wisely. Do not sacrifice the user experience for functionality and remember to research about a CMS before picking it over the others.

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