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Having a website in today’s age is quite significant for all businesses and organizations. In essence, it is the ‘storefront’ of the company or corporate body which any person browsing the web can see, access and interact with. Many potential customers of yours see this website the first whenever they search for or come across your business while browsing the internet. So you can see, having a user-friendly, interactive and informative website that has a business-oriented web-design. This web development for your company will easily apprise your customers about your company, your products and services and other important bits of information. As such, it is quite important for any venture of yours in website development is secure and up-to-date.

How Can You Keep Your Website Secure During And After Development?

1) Regularly-Updated Software:-
One of the main reasons why many websites face security issues is due to old, and outdated software. Many hackers abuse security loopholes exposed due to such reasons and can become a nuisance for your company’s website. To this end, you must regularly update all of the software that is used in your system. This includes your server’s operating system and all other software you use on your websites like CMS or forum. As a web development company, you must quickly apply all the necessary patches when it comes to a company’s forum or CMS.

2) Login Credentials and Passwords:-
Login credentials of the website administrator and even the customers should always be strong and proper so that no hacker or malicious body is able to get through and steal them. Both the admins and users should strive to make a strong password that they can remember at all times. As a website design and web development company, you can successfully avoid malicious sites and follow other important sources for learning good password practices.

Using guidelines such as these, you can keep your website secure at all points of the day, keep it from failing and yielding undesirable results.

What Are Some Of The Top Web Development Platforms You Can Use For A Secure Website?

1) PHP:-

php development
If you are looking for a web development platform that is versatile, dynamic and highly-customizable, then PHP is exactly what you would require. It is an open-source platform and despite being one, it also includes various benefits and functionalities like you would get from any paid website platform. The feature of PHP enabled custom website development is that the resultant site would be robust and capable of handling loads of traffic. This means that your site wouldn’t crash and remain durable during peak hours. PHP is one of the best web-development platforms for any web development company to use if they want to make a database-friendly and secure website for any client or customer.

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2) Joomla:-

joomla development company
Another useful platform you can rely on for any custom website development project is the Joomla. Many rely on Joomla for making powerful web applications, websites with many functionalities and other such features. All web application development and site development with this will be assured of the integrity of their data. Using Joomla, you will be able to create a web design that is both easy and fast in web-design. Just like PHP, Joomla is quite versatile and an open-source platform.

3) Magento:-

magento development company
If you’re looking for a web development platform that is secure and scalable, then Magento is your best bet. It is a state of the art e-commerce platform that is packed with various features and development tools. Using this for any web application development or website project, you can add multiple features and hundreds of extensions to them. Many web developers rely on Magento for the very same reasons and that is why it has become quite popular among web-development companies. It also has an active user forum which is like a hub for other talented web developers to talk, discuss and coordinate.

Therefore, these are some of the more popular web development platforms you can use to create a secure website for yourself, your clients and your customers. You would be able to manage your website effectively and to its max potential.

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