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Have you ever wondered why only some social media pages click and others become stale in no time? 14-year-old videos are still viral in the social media, and the video you posted two days back has disappeared in no time.

In this write-up, we will give a serious thought to it and will also tell you about 10 most powerful social media tricks to take your social media campaigns to new heights.

Here are 7 easy tricks to make your social media marketing campaigns more effective:

1. Analyze Your Competitors


Why your competitors are way ahead of you and your business is still not moving beyond that startup phase, you need to give a serious thought to it. You will need to research your competitors. Many marketers out there don’t give importance to competitor analysis and research. Hence their business fails to take a stride and their competitors move ahead of them. The valuable insight you will get will be crucial to improving your digital marketing campaigns.

2. Craft Your Strategy

A competent marketing strategy is highly crucial for the success of your digital marketing campaigns. Even a complex marketing strategy can be broken down to the basics.

3. Update your Content

If your content marketing strategy is old, you will need to change it. Only one form of content will make your visitors boring. You can use varied forms of content to promote your message. You can make use of videos, images, infographics, and text messages to promote your business.

4. Create a Balance

There will be two forms of content that you will update on your website. One is promotional and the other is non-promotional. You need to strike a balance between the two. If your promotional content ration exceeds non-promotional content, people will lose interest and start ignoring it. A day will come when hardly anyone will give heed to your content.

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5. Qualitative And Unique Content

Google and other search engines demand quality in the content. If your content is qualitative and unique, people will take interest in it. The content should be trending that compels readers and viewers to go through it and search for a message in it.

6. Make Use Of Marketing Tools


Technology will make you smart and quick. So you should make use of social media tools to optimize your routine.

7. Create Unique Hashtags

Hashtags are very powerful entities when it comes to promoting content via Twitter and Instagram. So you should always create unique hashtags for your digital marketing campaigns. By creating hashtags specific to your brand, it will be easier for you to track user-generated content and track engagement.


Social media has the potential to become the most effective digital marketing platform, but it will depend on how it is used to promote products and services by businesses around the world.

Though social media is a relatively new digital marketing platform, it has been observed that people take social media marketing easier than other forms of digital marketing. They tend to think that social media marketing is going to be easy for them and they only need to increase their followers.

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