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SEO has always been the most challenging aspect of digital marketing. After the introduction of Panda and Penguin algorithms by Google, search engine optimization has constantly been evolving over the past few years. As a result, this has also led to an extensive evolution of digital or the online marketing industry.

This rapid change has caused the experts from the internet marketing industry to adopt more agile tactics. They have to keep adapting to the guidelines which the search engines incorporate in their algorithms. Through this blog, we will focus on the SEO tactics that Google has ceased to entertain these days.

Outdated SEO tactics that Google doesn’t entertain any longer:

1) Get more links in order to rank higher:

Initially, SEO services were all about developing a myriad of links without actually analyzing the domain that they were to be linked with. This is how the websites were made to achieve high rankings in the search engines. One fact which remains unchanged is that developing links is still a very essential part for the ranking factor. Experts suggest that it still remains amongst the top 5 requisites that are responsible to influence the ranking factors. However, the method behind developing such links has completely changed.

For achieving ranks, providers of qualified SEO services aim to focus on the quality of the links rather than their quantities. If the links are developed properly, the number would not really matter.

2) Writing content that is rich in keywords:

google penaltyThese days, Google has adopted latent semantic indexing or LSI in contrast to using exact keywords in the earlier days of search engine optimization. The concept of LSI was introduced in the year 2004 and it gradually kept on gaining more prominence.

Due to the latent semantic indexing, search engines crawl the web pages and combine common phrases or words to form some commonly searched keywords. With the help of this kind of indexing, web page crawlers also focus on words that are synonymous with your target keywords.

In the recent times, it is not necessary to arrange your keywords as it is. Instead, you should focus on quality tricks to optimize a webpage for enhancing user experience. Focus on building a content that is based on the user’s requirements. Google will recognize the synonymous terms and thus comprehend your goals ultimately.

3) Focusing only on links and content:

Previously SEO services were all about developing links, good coding and putting together average quality content. In the current times, websites with a higher ranking have a large scale of followers. People remain split between the direct and indirect effects that this has on the website’s rankings. However, the truth is that a large following is indeed a benefit for the online marketing of your business.

You wonder how? Well, consider this – the more following your website has, the more users will be likely to visit it. The more people will be visiting your website, the more backlinks, as well as traffic, will be generated. It is not an unknown fact for experts in internet marketing that social media also has a great impact on making your content get noticed amongst the targeted customer group.

4) The more pages you will build, the more traffic you will get:

It is wrongly believed in the online marketing industry that a higher number of pages will result in a higher amount of traffic. Providers of IT services repeatedly emphasize the importance of the quality of content rather than the quantity. If the quality of the content on your website is not good, it will not serve your purpose of achieving a high rank in the search engines.

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Google Panda, one of the Google algorithms which were introduced in the year 2011 has been continuously progressing in terms of detecting a badly put together content. In fact, you might end up being penalized by Google due to poor content. Hence, one of the most important rules that providers of SEO services should keep in mind is that content should be created keeping in mind what users would like to read.

5) Achieving a higher rank is necessary to attract more traffic:

Most commoners believe that in order to attract more traffic, their website should rank high in the search engines. However, this is not true to a considerable extent. People might come across your listing but this does not mandatorily mean that they will access it too. This might be influenced due to factors such as:

a) Incorrect Keyword Strategy – The keywords that you are stuffing into your content might absolutely be unrelated.

b) Unappealing Meta descriptions – They might not be inviting enough for the users.

c) Featured Snippets – They are becoming extensively common.

You can deal with this problem with the help of Google Adwords. It will help you to develop a great keyword strategy in conjugation with inviting Meta descriptions that are sure to redirect more traffic to your listings. Keep yourself in the place of the user and think about what you would personally like to read.

6) More number of Guest Blogs for establishing SEO authority:

Before the advent of Penguin 2.0 in the year 2013, providers of online marketing firms did not use to pay attention to the quality of the content. At times the content had nothing to do with the field of work of their clients. The only purpose was to generate a backlink.

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However, now the concept of guest blogging has evolved completely. People focus on posting guest posts that have highly authoritative and relevant content. Guest posts can prove to be really beneficial for the purposes of internet marketing if it is done the correct way.

7) Stuffing keywords in the title tag of the content to enhance ranking:

google bannedKeyword stuffing is defined as the practice of incorporating as many keywords as possible into a digital page. Google has repeatedly warned experts of SEO services to avoid stuffing keywords into content for achieving higher ranks in search engine. It also comes out with algorithms such as Google Panda each year to eliminate bad content.

Keyword stuffing is absolutely not in sync with the guidelines of Google Webmaster. Instead, the bad quality of content can get you penalized.

8) Including images in your web content is merely a wastage of time:

For a considerable amount of time, the practice of neglecting images was okay to for achieving ranks without the usage of alt texts and the names of image files. However, the concept of on-page SEO has become more crucial than ever. For a fact, excluding imaged will stop you from achieving the desired online marketing results for your business.

Search engines practically do not consider any images on websites. Hence, it is important to punch your image with alt text and give it a file name that is relevant. This will help Google to figure out what the image is all about. The IT Company providing IT services also warn users against this practice very frequently as it can hamper the visibility of your website.

These were the worthless tactics that can hinder the performance of SEO services. If you were practicing any of these, it would be definitely worth your time to develop a new online marketing strategy. While you do so, make sure that your focus stays on creating excellent content that can help in building powerful backlinks.

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