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An algorithm is a procedure or process to carry out an operation or an activity. For example, computing a bill on the computer. It needs a set procedure to compute a bill on the computer. Just like other Applications, Facebook also lists the detailed instructions for carrying out different operations.

The Facebook keep on making changes in its algorithmic procedures to provide a better experience to the users of this social media platform. In 2018, the most interesting change in the Facebook algorithm is prioritizing Facebook posts containing meaningful conversations involving family and friends.

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This recent update to Facebook has become a cause for concern for the Facebook marketing professionals asserting it would leave a strong impact on paid reach and the organic reach will again take a hit. This in a way for Social Media Marketing will mean that they will be able to reach a smaller percentage of their target audience on Facebook,

Here is the brand new Facebook Algorithm for 2018. Digital Marketing professionals will get to know how updated Facebook algorithm functions and what brands and marketers will need to do to thrive on Facebook.

How Updated Facebook Algorithm Works?

How Facebook algorithm worksWhen a Facebook user logs into his/her account, he/she gets exposed to thousands of Facebook posts that display in their news feeds. Now the changes in the algorithm arranges posts accordingly how user likes to interact with the client. When we take a deeper look, we observe that the Facebook algorithm is broken into further four components.

The components include Signals, Inventory, predictions and overall score. Inventory is the latest Facebook content. The signals are related to considerations about content while as predictions refer to considerations about the persons followed by an overall score of the three.

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These four components of Facebook algorithm improve the experience of the Facebook user with a better overall experience. If you are an online marketing professional, you will need to focus on signals if you want your content is seen by maximum people in given time. In the 2017 algorithm pattern of Facebook, the marketers would make use of all sorts of signals to display posts to users.

Facebook Algorithm Update Pertaining To ‘Active’ Interactions

In the latest pattern of Facebook algorithm, it uses signals that favor mainly active interactions such as shares and comments. The one main reason cited by Facebook for prioritizing posts from friends and relatives over public feed content from pages is it believes person to person interaction is more valuable than a person- to-page connection.

The motive behind this update in Facebook algorithm is content from family and friends sparks more active engagement from users. The job of a Social Media Optimization Agency is now it needs to focus on making content more attention grabbing, personal and conversation-worthy. The job of the digital marketing professional is now to create content that ranks well.


Keeping in view this factor that Facebook now prefers active content over passive interactions, the Facebook Marketing professionals need to distinct active and passive interactions. Active interactions such as commenting, sharing and reacting will hold more weight than passive interactions, viewing, hovering or clicking.

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