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google adwords becoming google ads

Google AdWords has launched about 18 years ago with the ultimate aim to change the advertising game altogether! Essentially, the ultimate aim for AdWords was to facilitate easy interaction between people and businesses online; the onset of this advertising system led to Google’s Paid advertising product.

With the advent of mobile technology and the internet of things, Google ads have become even more exciting. But at the same time, complex! From allowing marketers with the chance to connect with their audiences through Google search to giving them the opportunity to connect with their customers at every single level via displays, texts, videos etc through pay per click marketing; the number of ways by which you could get benefitted from pay per click advertising has drastically improved!!

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Looking at the growing demand for online ads, Google is coming up with newer and simpler solutions and brands for Google-based products including Google Marketing Manager, Google Ads, and Google Ads Manager. Not only this, but Google is also planning to bring more new changes to help marketers get started with Google Ads with ease and reap greater benefits.

Google AdWords is Becoming Google Ads: The Real News

All the advertising capabilities offered by Google across all their websites, applications, partner sites, and other ownerships are represented by the new brand Google Ads. The advertising Capabilities offered by Google Ads allows marketers to connect with audiences whenever they put up a query in the search bar, explore places on Google Maps, find new applications on Google App Store, browsing videos on YouTube, and the like.

Google Ads has emphasized the needs of small businesses and included a specialized campaign type in Google Ads that will help them get a deep understanding of online marketing. The Senior Vice President Leading Google Ad Efforts, Mr. Sridhar Ramaswamy said, “This is primarily a new change, but it is indicative of where we have been directing the product.”

Google Ads Manager: A Consolidated Platform

google ad managerGoogle realized that the way by which publishers used to monetize their web content has dramatically changed. With the growing use of Internet technology and mobile-based devices, more and number of users are adopting various screens and devices to access online content. This has led to the immediate need to manage ad campaigns and businesses more efficiently and effectively.

With the new evolution in pay per click marketing released by Google, we expect businesses to earn more, get more opportunities to connect with their audiences.

Collaboration with Google Marketing Platform Strengthened

The Google Marketing Platform is a unified platform for Google Analytics 360 Suite and Double Click Advertiser Products. It is believed by many advertisers that the combination of Analytics and Ads can be deadly! It will not only help them achiever faster (and better) results but also give them a better understanding of the consumer behavior. This causes the major reason of Google Adwords becoming Google Ads

The platform is known to benefit the customers by giving them a single space to plan, measure, buy, and optimize customer experience along with digital content.

The New AdWords Promises to Bring a Whole New Experience

When pay per click advertising or AdWords first started roughly 18 years back, the motive was to connect businesses with customers from across the globe online. And despite the new changes coming up every now and then, the motive remains the same: to connect advertisers to customers from around the world online. The ultimate aim is to make Google AdWords useful for anyone and everyone: a local tea shop to big business brands.

The changes in the pay per click services were made to provide a more intuitive and speedy experience that will be focused more on enhancing goal-reaching limits and creating better campaigns. The features, too have been improved based on customer feedback including improved icons, removed items, and viewing complete performance data in the statistics table directly.

Switch to the New AdWords

google adsGradually and eventually, Google AdWords is becoming an exquisite way to manage your accounts and advertising. The previous version will no longer be accessible by the year-end. But before you plan to switch, it is important to update your contact details to receive the information on your email to keep you prepared for the switch.

To fasten the switching period for users, their automated rules, filters, and reports will be directly updated to the new experience from the previous one.

According to Jonathan Bellack, director – product management for publisher platforms, “These categories have been breaking down for a while – all of our publishers already log into one user interface.” Even Dan Taylor, Managing director for Platforms shared a little about the new experience, “The look and feel are going to change a little bit, but the core functionality is not changing”. This confirms that the only change users will see will be the logo.

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Though the new complexities have made it difficult for promoters, agencies, and publishers to decide which product to select for their Google needs, the all-in-one feature with the new branding of the three buckets (Google Ads, Google Ads manager, and Google Marketing Platform) will aid advertisers unleash what is best for them and find relevant solutions thereof.

We are really excited for the release of the new experience rolling out from July onwards, how about you?

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