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google empowering women

The debate on equality between men and women seem to be endless, as much as the right for empowering women has been. But the world has seen a tremendous change in the way women are treated. Not only that, the old perception of women as ‘ideal for being a homemaker’ has dramatically changed. Now, we see women emerging as great achievers, award-winning entrepreneurs, business women, and at top level ranks in governments, companies, and others.

Looking at the drastically changing world for women, Google decided to empower women on the occasion of International Women’s Day this year by adding a women-led attribute to Google Business Listings.

As per this attribute, Businesses can now be described as ‘led-by, owned, founded or run’ by women on Google Maps through a female icon. With this attempt, Google aims at making the digital world as an ‘all-inclusive’ people’s place. Last year around the same date, Google had launched an LGBTQ-friendly attribute to showcase businesses as friendly and open to all including gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons.

Google Spokesperson Liz Davidoff said via email, We strive to organize the world’s information in a way that is inclusive of all people. She also added, We’ve added the women-led attribute to empower women-led businesses to succeed online and help people find places to visit using Google Maps and Search.

Okay, But what is Google Business Listing In the First Place?

Google Business Listing is a local platform for businesses by Google known as “Google My Business”. It includes business information including business name, contact details like number, email address, etc; business address and others. This information of businesses is available on several Google applications like Google Maps. Business listing is closely tied to digital marketing, or, what we refer to as SEO.

Google Initiative: Womenwill

The Women-led attribute by Google displays a female gender symbol as an icon on the business listing. It is said to be a part of Google’s larger initiative called ‘Womenwill’. As per this initiative, Google aims to promote women empowerment by creating economic opportunities for women by connecting them to the online world and giving them the tools to make the most of them.

Google also highlighted three women-led players in the industry to support their initiative, namely: Yogolandia Yogurt & Botana Bar, Reaching out Tea House, and Progetto Quid. The companies belong to Chicago, Vietnam, and Italy respectively.

Women from all corners of the world can proudly claim the businesses they have founded, co-owned or owned, running or lead with this amazing Google invention. As an Internet Marketing company, we strongly value each woman and support this amazing initiative to highlight women-led companies in the industry. Having many women as part of our core team, we give you the best digital marketing services to scale up your women-led website to the top.

And before swiping to the next blog, we’d love to hear your opinion on Google’s women-led attribute in business listing. So go ahead and drop your views in the comment section below!

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