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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most powerful ways of getting your website up the ranks on search engines through an accumulation of techniques and tools. It is used by all website owners to generate more traffic, improve site ranking and better conversion rates on the basis of relevant keywords searched by the targeted audience.

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And while Google may be dominated by big players in the market capturing most search terms by users, there’s still a way out for you to hit the industry and scale up your website’s ranking to the top. How? You’ll get all your answers below to get your brand new site to the top with the effective use of online marketing. Let’s get started:

On-Site SEO:-

The art of optimizing solo pages with the aim to achieve greater organic traffic and improve site rankings is what we refer as ‘On-site SEO’. A few insightful tips for effective On-site SEO will include:

• Target Keywords in your Title Tag
• Use Outbound Links
• Sensible Meta Descriptions for each page
• Make Use of Internal Linking
• Image Optimization
• Use LSI Keyword in the body content
• Focus on less competitive Long-tail keywords, etc.

Off-Site SEO:

off site seoThis part of digital marketing includes techniques and methods that go beyond your brand website including link building and so much more. A few tips that will help you get your website on the first rank on Google with off-site SEO includes:

• Generating quality back-links.
• Guest Posting on relevant blogs
• Link roundups
• Social Media Optimization
• Keep track of Google Algorithms
• Broken Link Building, etc.

1) Implement AMP and Get in Top Stories:-

Getting your website in Google News is often challenging, especially for a new website to attract short-term traffic. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are filling up Top Stories. AMP is the new open-source program found by Google along with Twitter giving webmasters the power to create super-fast, quick loading web pages with the stripped-down HTML code for mobile users.

2) Use High DA Websites as Proxies:-

If you wish to reap maximum output out of syndicated SEO-content, you need to choose the most authoritative websites in your domain.

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There seem countless ways to get your website on top listings, but only few will prove to be effective. Never go for black hat SEO tricks to entail short-term results for your websites, always use authentic and reliable sources and techniques to bring your website to top ranks of Google. Alivenet Solution understands the importance of higher rankings and helps you achieve your goals through positive and goal-oriented SEO tricks, techniques developed by top digital marketing experts in our team.

Our goal-oriented approach and promise for the reliable marketing services make us the Best Digital Marketing Company in India.

Facing troubles in getting your site on top search results? Drop them in the comment section below and we shall come up with more ideas to help you achieve higher web rankings for your brand new website on Google.

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