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importance of https & its seo benefits

HTTPS is an extension of HTTP, an application protocol meant for transfer of multimedia files over the internet including Videos, images, infographics, and text files. Once internet surfers open their browsers, HTTP protocol comes into action.

HTTPS encrypts data utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or TLS internet protocol. Hence it is also referred to as HTTP over SSL or HTTP over TLS depending on the type of internet protocol it uses to encrypt Google data to transfer over the internet.

https sitesThe primary benefit of HTTPS internet protocol is that it authenticates the website and encrypts data to safeguard the integrity and privacy of the files while in transit.

The encryption is bidirectional so any exchange of data between the client and the server project is encrypted to keep man-in-the-middle attacks at bay and prevents tampering of the communication.

The utilization of HTTPS internet protocol is a guarantee that you are communicating with a hundred per cent safety and there is no threat of tampering or data hacking.

When HTTP was launched, it was primarily used for payment transactions on the internet, webmail, and secure transactions in corporate information systems. Now it is more often used by the website to protect the authenticity of their website pages, secure accounts, and keep communications private and non-identifiable.

The aim of writing this blog post is to tell the reasons why HTTPS is important for the Search Engine Optimization of your website. This post discusses in detail what effect HTTP has on Website SEO. Remember it is not just the content of the website that can have an impact on the ranking of your website, HTTPs can also benefit the SEO of your site.

Benefits of HTTPS for the SEO of A Website

HTTPS Improves Ranking of Websites

To benefit HTTPS websites, Google released an update back in 2014, however, this updated Google Algorithm could not alter much with the rankings of HTTP websites. The ranking of HTTPS website showed an improvement but it was not sufficient or satisfactory for the users. However, in 2015, Google stated that its recent ranking update will benefit HTTPS sites over non HTTPS sites even if the websites are equal in all aspects.

The statement indicated that the Google Search engine will most likely rank HTTPS sites ahead of Non-https sites. When we take a look back at this statement released by Google way back in 2015, today we observe that near about 40% websites that feature in Google’s organic results are HTTPS sites. This percentage is massive because just 1% of all the websites are secured by HTTPS.

Moreover, Google encourages all website users to migrate to a secure site if they want to boost the ranking of their websites. It is already giving an increasing amount of weight to HTTPS sites as far its protocol to rank sites in its search engine is concerned.

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It is one of the best practices in order to gain and retain the highest rank in the Google search engine. Websites that are ranking on page one in the Google search engine are most likely HTTPS sites.

When the ranking of a website improves in the search engine, its visibility improves and more and more people are able to access your content be it product listing, images, videos or text files. So HTTPS internet protocol increases your website traffic. When more people are able to access your site, the more traffic you will get.

1. It Increases Conversions

Since HTTPS sites are considered more reliable and authentic over non-https websites, the click-through- rate of websites improves. The better- click-through rate increase the conversion rate of your site. It is obvious website users trust secure sites more than the non- secure ones. This is one of the reasons why website which follow the Google protocol for best websites most likely experience better ranking in the search engine.

increase web traffic

2. It Increases Reliability

GlobalSign conducted a survey recently to determine the behaviour of online users how they approach the content on the websites. It made some interesting observations related to the behaviour of the online customers. One of the observation was that more than 85% of users abandon a purchase just because data is sent over an insecure connection. According to the Survey, the majority of the online customers face the dilemma that their data can be misused or intercepted online. So customers trust only those websites which they feel are more secure and safer to purchase a product or service.

3. Google Chrome Not Secure Warning For Non-HTTPS Websites

Since chrome labels non-Https sites as non-secure and alters the security indicator to a red triangle when the user comes to the site by default on an HTTP page, users will never prefer to stay at the site. This puts a direct question mark on the authenticity of a website.

Bottom Line

The current impact of the HTTPS may not be overwhelmingly mighty but one thing is for sure that things are moving in that direction. So you need to be proactive to get your website secured. Because in the future HTTPS is most likely going to make or break the rankings of the websites in Google. If you will react to it late then you may be already behind the competition.

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Earlier due to the lengthy process and financial concerns, the most website would hardly think to obtain HTTPS certificate from Google but now the process has become easier and more streamlined than before.

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