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So you want your brand or product to catch more eyes? Do you want to get paid while attaining a heavy customer following? Instagram marketing might be your spell!

The reason social media marketing has become so influential is that of the number of engaging users. The newest trend in social media marketing is ‘Instagram marketing.’ Instagram has become a steady platform where businesses are making sales more than their expectations. This might be the exact thing your business requires.

Instagram is turning into one of the most popular social media apps. It has over 300 million reported monthly users which have already surpassed Twitter. With such a huge user base, Instagram is offering businesses an opportunity to build a brand and market them. Another benefit of Instagram is that its user base comprises 60% audience which falls in the age group of 17-20. This age group offers a valuable demographic for businesses to build a viable audience. Active users on a regular basis make it competitive along with p rofitable.

A well-built digital marketing strategy along with a firm brand identity can bring you the right kind of exposure your brand needs.

How Is Instagram Marketing Profitable?

instagram paid marketingInstagram users are active on a daily basis which gives businesses more opportunities to grab the attention of the users. Most brands who are making big bucks out of Instagram know the ways to interact with the Instagram community. They are aware of the tricks to earn personally invested users. Experts suggest that ‘Instagrammers’ are all shoppers. They tend to shop or at least check out a product which sparks their personal interest. Additionally, over 62% of Instagram user follow a brand only because they like it.

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Posting relevant images and texts can offer users a feeling of curiosity instead of a hard sales pitch. Hence, eradicating the possibilities of making them feel like it is an Instagram paid marketing campaign. Which is always good for business. It also enables the user to share your marketing campaigns with friends. In short, Instagram converts passive shoppers into powerful and confident clients.

What’s New In Instagram?

As the world is becoming more and more modern, every social media platform is transforming. This transformation not only helps the developers but also assists business while delivering an incredible user experience. Here are some notable changes which may help your business.

Business Profiles

Instagram recently introduced a new feature called ‘Business Profile.’ You can switch to an Instagram Business Profile in settings option. This provides people with a first impression that the profile means business. The business profile comprises putting various information regarding the business such as email address, contact information and more. This makes your followers click ‘contact’ in order to connect with you. You also get an insight tool using which you can see the stats and the reach of your content. Creating and publishing ads is much easier on an Instagram business profile without depending on Facebook’s advertisings.

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Sponsored Posts

Studies suggest that the companies using Instagram advertising posts made more in comparison to others who don’t. This task might be a little tricky but it is totally worth it. People can be redirected to your website or the product when you are using sponsored posts. These posts are non-intrusive and engaging which results in a better conversion rate at a low cost. You also get a chance to use images or videos as per your liking without any kind of Instagram restriction. Another plus point of using sponsored posts in Instagram is that they occupy the whole mobile screen which makes them hard to miss.

Sponsored Stories

It is not long that Instagram introduced the world with ‘stories’ feature. Now it took the next step in business marketing by offering people liberty to make sponsored stories. It has been reported that 1/3rd of the stories have a business origin and one in five stories get a response from the viewers. These stories can also contain elements as per the liking of a business.

What Else To Know?

smo servicesMany don’t have what it takes to generate sales on Instagram. This is where SMO Services come into play. SMO Services includes brief insight into social media marketing. They offer a wide array of strategies which includes using:

1. Hashtags (campaign or brand specific)
2. Cross-platform promotion
3. Tracking Metrics
4. Strong Business Profile
5. Social Media Contests

Strategically using all these elements on Instagram can turn up in gaining more customers. Do not forget that the Instagram universe roams around the intangible aspects of brand equity, user value and buyer loyalty.

You just need to maintain product and brand along with standing on the promises you make. Rest will be taken care by Instagram and the customers will be coming to you not the other way around.

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