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Imagine this scenario. Your company has just launched a new range of products. The head of the company asks for the ideas about marketing the new products. You claim PPC services to be the best solution to spread the word about the products, get traffic, and the conversion. A month later, when asked about the conversion rate, you have ‘no’ as the answer. So, what went wrong? You followed the Google guidelines, invested good money, and targeted the best keywords. But, still, your PPC campaign failed. It just falls apart!

Such a scenario is very common among new companies and companies with new products. Often when you face such a situation once, it becomes difficult to imagine PPC as a successful advertising medium. So, let’s understand what PPC is, how it works, and what causes PPC to fail. To help you avoid a foregone conclusion about PPC, continue reading.

What is PPC?

what is ppcPPC is an advertising model in which you can display the ads about the products, services, or about the new business venture when the users enter queries relevant to your ads. You get charged only when the users click on the ads. Hence, it is known as Pay-per-click. But, to ‘earn’ that click from the users, the best PPC Company in India believes that your ads should provide a sense of authenticity. The users will only buy when they feel the product is ‘famous’ or has something unique in it.

How Does It Work?

You cannot simply pay more to display your ads first in the Google search result. PPC is entirely an automated process by Google. It finds the most relevant and valid ads to display on the SERPs. Hence, your ads have to be target-specific and keyword-oriented.

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The Problem

Your campaign is to sell something new or to get exposure for something and drive the visits back to your website with a hope of conversion. Therefore, you buy ads on various social media platforms. You buy ads from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You probably use the Google AdWords and Google Display Network to manage the ads. All these resources help in driving traffic to your website and hence, the conversion.

According to the best PPC company India, for all the social media platforms, your campaign is new and therefore, the cost-per-click will be high. For every new campaign, the cost-per-click is always high. Because none of these platforms have experience with your campaign or company before. So, your cost-per-click will be higher than the normal price, until you prove that you have a high rate of engagement. Therefore, you end up with low Click-through-rate (CTR), low engagement, and lower conversion rate. When you have everything ‘low’, no one clicks on the ads. When no one clicks, the cost to show your ads to more people increases. And, it becomes harder to earn profit from such PPC campaign. The best PPC Company in India say that the users will never make it to the ads. And, hence, your PPC campaign fails. But, why is it so?

Why Does It Happen?

This happens due to two reasons:

1. The audience has never heard about you before. They hardly know you exist in the market.
2. They don’t trust you or don’t like your products. Hence, they don’t click. If they don’t click, they will not spread the word about it. They will not share and definitely no scope of buying.

Your audience will not do the necessary things required to drive traffic and this increases the cost-per-click. And, because of this your campaign suffers and fails.

It is good that you follow market-first approach, but this rule has some expectations. There are certain brand new companies which do very well with the Instagram ads for certain types of products. It is because, such products appeal to the audience instantly, leading to conversion, and require no previous existing brand association. So, yes, in this case, PPC campaign wins.

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The Solution

The one and only solution- get to know your audience before you invest your money in advertising. This means before you start your PPC campaign, invest in organic channels. Write quality content, Press Release, and invest in white hat SEO. You should also go for brand advertising. Try newspaper ads, magazine ads, T.V. ads, and display ads.

The best PPC Company in India also recommends that it is profitable to advertise exclusively for a set of audience or target audience. This increases the chances of high engagement and lowers the cost-per-click rate. Also, target the audience that already has experience with you. To do this, make use of remarketing and retargeting platforms of Google. You can practice the same with Facebook through the custom audience of email addresses that you upload. Target those who follow the accounts that you specifically control and own. Through these, you can reach a broader audience and gain better engagement. You increase the click-through-rate, drive conversion, and enhance sales. The best PPC Company in India suggests that let the audience know you before you start your PPC campaign. Let them know you exist in the market. Advertise about your business and products only to the target audience.

The Conclusion

ppc companyIf you want to increase the bottom line of your business with more conversion rate, hire digital marketing services from the best PPC Company India. A lot of times, your PPC campaign can fall flat on your face, if not done correctly to meet the demands of the target audience. Many a time you may be following every rule, but still, the campaign fails to give you the desired results. Many small and medium-sized businesses choose to hire an expert marketer to take care of their entire PPC campaign. This way, they ensure that the money they invest will bring enough results to improve their bottom line.

So, if you don’t want to fail with your PPC campaign and want positive marketing of your products and services, invest in hiring an expert marketer. Find the best PPC Company in India and rest assured of profitable results. You are going to be a lot happier doing this.

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