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app store optimization

App Store Optimization is the name of the process during which mobile applications are introduced with better SEO tactics in order to optimize it for the app store’s search results. Ranking higher on in the search results is one of the most important tenets of Mobile App Marketing. It can help more people find your app in the store, and subsequently convert to customers instead of just viewers, downloading or perhaps purchasing the app. This is better than promoting your app using paid ads, as this counts as organic traffic, which is important in ASO services.

• Keywords:

Keywords, in ASO services, is what constitutes to most of how the entire process of optimizing apps for the app store is carried out. Having the right keyword, which is not just popular, but helps you rank well is very important. You can put such keywords in the main title and description of your app and optimize it for the app store’s search engine. Keywords become more productive if they are similar to high – ranking keywords, as they can always be tweaked at a later point.

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• Description:

The description of your App on an app store like Google’s Play store is basically a text that relays useful information about your app to any person who views the app, clicks on it and opens the app’s page. There are normally two kinds of descriptions that you must type for your App on any of the regular App stores like Google’s or Apple’s; the short description and the long description.

• Icon Title:

The icon of an application might seem fairly simple and not that important as other parts of Mobile app marketing. However, it is quite the opposite. Whenever any new user or regular launches their app store, and start browsing for a certain kind of app, the first thing they notice about an app, even before reading its title is its icon. That visual contact with the app, by means of the icon, is quite important as it greatly influences any visitor to perhaps click on it and know more about it.

• Ranking Factor:

Ranking factor basically denotes what determines the ranking of your app in the app store. These factors are the same for all apps, and thus there’s an advantage and a disadvantage in there for you. Some of the more important ranking factors in ASO services include; the number of downloads, frequency, time spent on the app, category, number & app reviews of hits on the app. It doesn’t just matter how many users downloaded and installed your app. What matters, is how many installed and then went on to use it regularly.

• Screen Shots:

Screenshots, whether you choose to believe so or not, is an integral part of App store optimization. This can be seen by the recent change brought about by companies and app stores like Apple and Google who extended their screenshot limit, allowing app developers to post more screenshots of their apps, and how it works while using it. While opening and viewing your app, until and unless you have a brilliant description, most of the time, the consumer will be interested in the screenshots. They would want to see how the app would look once installed, and once they started using it. Screenshots are also a good way of drawing the user’s eyes from the description if it’s a bit too technical.

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• Reviews:

These can bring a world of difference as an effective way of convincing other users in using your app or downloading it. Apart from the ratings, your app gets on the app store, the only thing customers believe to be organic are the reviews left by your active consumers after installing and using your app. As a result, you would want to get good reviews and ratings. In order to avoid having consumers miss or forget giving you a review, you can implement certain practices by employing ASO services: you can ask your consumers to rate you, using popup notifications or send them a personal message for it.

Here’s how you can Gain the Best Search Engine Ranks with ASO Services:

The basics of app store optimization, which is, optimizing your apps for doing better in any app store, is what drives the mobile applications and products marketing scene. With the right App store optimization services, you can effectively enable your app to rank higher in the app store’s search results. You can optimize various aspects of the app, from its head to its toe just to ensure that it reaches your target audience in a much easier and effective way.

The prime objective of any ASO services you use for your app, you do only because you want more people to download your app, to install it and to use it regularly. This is only possible when more of your prime, target audience discover your app on time and appreciate it for what it is. You want your potential consumers or visitors to be able to see your app show up on their search engine results. Moreover, you want to incorporate an app store marketing plan that focuses on the keywords they might search for, looking for apps similar to yours.

Unlike the inorganic traffic generated by using PPC services, or running sponsored ads for your App, with ASO services the users visiting your site by clicking on your app of their own accord generate what’s known as ‘organic’ traffic. This traffic is one of the key factors for improving one’s ranking and is counted among the more important ranking factors. The higher it shows up on the mobile market app store search results.

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