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We all know how important SEO is for our business growth. Whether a startup or a well-flourished business organization, everyone needs SEO in order to make and build an online reputation to increase traffic, generate sales, and boost potential business leads. But you know what, SEO is a vast topic having innumerable ways, tools, and marketing methods to grow your business potential. And since all of us are not that efficient in understanding the complete Search Engine Optimization and how it can be done according to our diversified business requirements, it is important that we go through this list of top 10 Free SEO tools that you can grab for free. Yes, no money charged and grow your business. Here we go:

#1 Title Capitalization Tool

This tool is helpful in automating capitalization for your titles and sentences. Online publications, white papers, blogging, academic reports, etc are some of the major tasks which can be simplified with this free tool. The Title capitalization tool is one of the free SEO tools that comes handy, is easy to handle, and accurately capitalizes your given titles or sentences in an instant. This saves a lot of time and efforts since you don’t have to capitalize each line manually by using this free automated process!

#2 Whois Checker

whois-checker-toolThis tool is primarily used to obtain accurate and detailed information about domains. Another handy tool that comes free of cost, the Whois Checker is based on a unique algorithm that can instantly analyze up to 10 websites at once and provide detailed information including Domain ID, domain registration date, and server, along with other important information regarding their registrants.

#3 Domain Age Checker

Domain age is one of the key factors behind obtaining a good and withstanding position on Google SERPs. The older your domain, the better position it is at as compared to the new and younger ones. The Domain Age Checker helps you check the domain age of 100 URLs at a time and help you check the availability of the domain you want. It is another freebie of great use for you!

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#4 Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa is one of the great free SEO tools that help you find out ‘how well your website does at the competitive forefront’. It also tells you how much traffic is attracted by your website and ranks it by having a quick comparison with websites of similar field and work.

#5 Domain Authority Checker

domain-authority-checkerThe Domain Authority or DA Checker is a free ranking scorer that helps users find out about how well their website is performing on the Google Search Engine Research Pages or SERPs. And as we all know how important it is to have a position among the top ranks on the Google Search Results page, the DA Checker helps you understand your website’s current performance, where you lag, and supports your next decision to improve your website’s rankings.

#6 Keyword Density Checker

Keyword Density is an important element used in deciding website ranks by Google. And the free SEO Tool, Keyword Density Checker basically helps users know and measure the percentage or number of times a particular keyword or phrase is used on a specific web page content. The major advantage of the Keyword Density Checker free SEO tool is to help users understand how or what would be the position of a website in Google search engine results.

#7 Case Converter

Content is required everywhere: websites to attract customers, social media to keep them engaged, and also an extensive digital marketing. However, styling the content is equally important which we often forget to do while writing the content. That’s where the need for Online Case Converter arises! This free SEO tool helps users convert cases, emphasize words which need to be highlighted, and basically stylize your content with ease.

#8 Trim URL

Short URLs are known to get better ranked by Google algorithms as compared to the long ones. And at times, it gets very confusing to trim the long URLs to entail good SEO ranks. This free SEO tool called the ‘Trim URL’ does exactly the same for you in an instant! It’s a handy tool that allows you to trim your URLs accurately to the root domain. Not just that, you can also remove the duplicate URLs, add ‘http://www’ wherever required, remove other variations of ‘http://www’, etc for free!!

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#9 URL Opener

There’s a problem with our browsers. It slows down or hangs when we open too many website links at once. And this can get really frustrating especially for those busy professionals out there. This where a need for a multiple URL Opener arises. This free SEO tools allow you to open any number of website links without facing the problem of freezing or dysfunctioning of the web browser.

#10 Word Count Checker

Preparing content often makes us forget the length and a total number of words we have written in that specific piece of content. And many times, there are special instructions regarding the total word count to be posted on a certain website. That is where this free Word Count Checker tool helps you. It relieves you from the stress of manually counting each word while allowing you to keep track of the number of words & characters, make online improvements, and check for any grammatical errors.

These are some of the most useful SEO tools you can get for free! You can use these free SEO tools to improve your website’s performance on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and improve site rankings without spending a single penny!!

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