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social media marketing trends

Every marketer is well aware of the efficacy of social media. In connecting with a greater audience, as well as growing business, social media is of immense importance. The significance of social media marketing in the growth of a business is, undoubtedly, great. There are newer trends getting evolved each and every day. Social media has been changing constantly. The competition to reach out to the target audience and gather their attention has also increased incessantly. It is a fact well-known that with so many social media platforms it has become easier to expand brand information. In 2018 too, there are going to be many Social Media trends which are definitely going to affect your marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is one of the most common as well as impactful ways in which the target audience can be reached. Listed below are some trends which you should infuse in your marketing strategies in order to gain the maximum benefits.

social media marketing trend 20181. The Ephemeral Content

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have initiated the concept of transitory contents. Most of the brands have started to create fleeting content for their socially active channels. Also, they are developing distinct strategies for the ephemeral content-marketing. It is recommended to create a strategy around story/content that you have generated. Invest both times and thought about it and extract the maximum benefits out of it.

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2. Turn Up To Videos

This isn’t wrong that the culture these days is a mobile-first culture. In the previous year, more than 80% of the content has been shared in the form of a video. The video format is one of the fastest growing ad formats across the world. It is recommended that investing in the video can help in generating engagement and also helps in building a follower base.

3. Influencers Influencing The Marketing

This is certainly not a new thing anymore. There has been a relative increase in the business of brands who have had associated with real influencers. Every consumer wants authenticity which due to the popularity of influencers has decreased. Set a clear objective as to why do you want to work with the influencers. Only work with the influencers if it will help you in building a strong relationship with your consumers.

4. Quick Customer Services With Chatbots

The unwieldy machines which the initial Chatbots used to be is a long lost story now. These are bots which help people/consumers from all across the world in an instant connection for various purposes. Right from solving issues of customers to assisting them in performing functions they are unaware of, Chatbots have it all. 2018 is going to be the year which is going to be the start of Chatbots for your business if you haven’t done it already. Although, it is advised to use Chatbots on the potential users in order to differentiate between the users who are slow towards adapting to new technologies and the millennials.

social media marketing5. Augmented Reality And Its Rise

One of the quickest, easiest, as well as an interactive, way to engage the consumers, is indeed augmented reality. Since it is going towards the long run, social channels of many brands are planning on introducing it on to their platforms. Before utilizing AR just for the fact that it adds value, you should consider how it will benefit your business. Whether your strategies are facilitated by these smarter tools or not, it is a matter of greater significance.

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These are some of the many social media marketing trends which are going to pose an impact on your business. Social media is rapidly changing and if you walk with matching steps, you surely aren’t very far from achieving success.

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