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No one in the present generation is unfamiliar with social media. Billions of users are using as well as posting their thoughts on social media on a daily basis. Just like all other social media platforms, ‘Twitter’ is one of the most famous and used one on the planet. Not just the common population, but the famous celebrities, athletes, leader, etc. are ‘tweeting’ and ‘retweeting’ on a regular basis.

I have learned a lot about Social Media Marketing and Twitter Promotion in this internet dominant world and advice businesses to take the aid of Digital Marketing to help their business.

In the recent events, Twitter CEO – Jack Dorsey stated that the company intends to make the blue verification badge available to every single user. This statement sparked a huge uproar among the population, and they shared their views on Twitter itself.

If you are a regular Twitter user, you might be familiar with the ‘Blue Twitter Verification Badge.’ Let’s face it, that blue badge makes a profile look legit while creating a feeling of authorization.

Everything about Twitter Verification

The Twitter blue tick is considered as a status symbol which can easily attract more users as compared to basic accounts.

eligible to Twitter Verification

Who Is Eligible To Get Verified?

It is basically given to a highly sought public figures and celebs. It is also provided to personnel who are at a risk of impersonation. The verification is an integral part because it establishes the authenticity of identities. Right now, there are no means to get a profile verified if you are a general Twitter user.

Verification Process

There is not much information about how Twitter verifies a certain account, so we are still on hold on this topic. But with the Statement of Twitter CEO, we might get an insight of this criteria soon.

How to Qualify?

Twitter Verification qualifyThere are estimated 500 million registered accounts on Twitter, and almost every other account wants to get verified. I have seen a lot of users tweeting to get verified as well as asking to get verified. The problem with this is, we actually have no idea how a common user can transform his account into a verified one. But I can tell you this much; a number of followers does not matter in the process of account verification.

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Benefits of Verification in Business

With the help of a verified Twitter account, people can implement Online Marketing schemes to it. By using proper Social Media Marketing(SMO) tactics, any business can gain more traffic through Twitter. There is a wide array of different Social Media Optimization companies available which can use beneficial Twitter Promotions for the best marketing.

I advise people to learn everything about the Twitter verification as it can make an account look authentic as well as ensure more traffic to it. Try to hire a professional firm which can help you with all marketing you need.

Remember! More eyes mean more business!

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