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dark side of social media

Dark Social Traffic is the internet traffic that is derived from private channels such as email and Messenger Apps with the help of the latest advanced analytics tools. The analytical tools lead a Social Media Marketing professional to the origin of the traffic. The dark traffic is also sometimes direct traffic because it is accessed directly by Digital Marketing professionals at the source of origin.

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The more you will know about Dark social traffic, the deeper insight and understanding you will have about how your site is performing. You can increase your sales by 40% and more with dark social traffic.

Common Dark Social Traffic Medium Platforms And How To Use Them?

• Email
• Messenger
• Whatsapp and Signal

Most of us copy and post website links on Facebook pages. On the Facebook page, it can be accessed by millions of people. The goal of a Facebook Marketing media professional is to expose a link to a maximum number of people in no time. The URL posted on a social media website appears in news feeds, where people like, comment, and share.

Common Dark Social Traffic

The public posts on Facebook pages reach a swath of users. The use of dark social media traffic will help you gain an audience and drive traffic to your site.

Social media traffic results from another type of sharing. Some users visit websites and find great blogs or product links. They copy the links and paste the URL link into the messenger account of their friends, relatives or colleagues etc. This type of traffic is referred to as Dark social traffic in SMO marketing.

When their friends open their Facebook messenger accounts, they comment to share or simply like it. This type of sharing is called dark social. It is difficult to use this data for social media marketing because it lacks campaign indicators at the end of the URL.

The term was the first time coined by Alexis C Madrigal. Since then it has become very important and useful marketing strategy and in some cases outpacing social media apps in terms of active users.

How to Track Dark Social Media Traffic in Google Analytics?

Social Media Traffic in Google AnalyticsThese days more and more users invest their time in messaging apps. So messenger app manufacturers these days emphasize on developing features to get on board with using dark social media traffic. Remember dark social media content is different from the normal social media traffic hence very difficult to track. Social Media Optimization (SMO) professionals make this job through Google analytics tool.

Check your website, you will have at least one checkout page to capture paying customers or generate new leads every time. With the help of Google analytics, an SMO professional can very easily convert and translate them into revenue for your business. But to make this dream of yours a success, you will have to learn how customers actually arrive at your site.

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Here comes the role of Google analytics into play. Your Google analytics tools provide you real-time information by tracking referrer data. Actually, very small pieces of Metadata clings on the website URLs, once it is shared to bring the visitors to the website.

It is just like which was the source of your info that told you about a certain event. Just consider dark social is like a website visitor. Similarly, the friends of the user access the web page and it appears to you that they have typed the URL into their owner browser and have landed on your site.

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