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Recent years saw an upsurge in the number of mobile users. More and more people are choosing mobile to be their primary option for internet access. It was discovered that on a Christmas Eve alone, users spend over $196 on subscriptions, apps, and in-app purchases. This money-slosh comprises data from both Google Play and App Store users. Reports have also suggested that this number is increasing by over 10%.

So, I believe that it is safe to say that the man of today’s modern age is completely influenced by mobile phones. With the rise in the number of average app purchase, there has been a rapid growth in the mobile apps market as well. Majority of the companies are becoming mobile-first minded in order to generate more revenue.

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Unlike the prediction of skeptics, mobile app development trends are no bubble. They are not impermanent and probably not destined to run out like the battery of our iPhones.

It is likely to believe that 2018 will see either a huge upgrade or brand new app development trends.

Before I run to the mobile app development trends, I believe it is important to run through the anticipated upgrades.

The basic design of all mobile phones is set for an overhaul after the introduction if ‘Infinite Screen.’ This has made multiple iOS and Android app development firms run for their money. The issue is to develop apps which are bendable to the new design. They need to come up with a solution fast so that they are not ‘out of the business.’

To help such companies, as well as the user, here are 7 Mobile App Development Trends to watch out in 2018.

1. More Security to Gain Extra Attention

Security is always considered to be the top priority. Security is imperative no matter what modern age we are living in. Massive brand such as Google and Apple are always committed to providing better security to the user.

With news regarding the leak of personal information of the users, it is important to take security in the account first. Add developers should check the app thoroughly before releasing it on any mobile platform.

2. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Experiential retail is becoming more important in today’s age. The game ‘Pokémon GO’ might’ve been a temporary storm in the market of the mobile game, it has surely left some effect on the market. The AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) introduced an enhanced way to interact, shop and navigate.

Now, companies are using AR to give users an almost insight into the final product. App development firms have to keep this upgrade in mind so that users can get what companies promise them.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages

The integration of AMP listing in 2016 has transformed the whole scenario for developers. Now, developers are using this boiled down version of HTML for better user retention and UI. They are inculcating this integration within the framework of the apps.

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This factor is something that every developer should keep in mind while planning the layout of the app.

4. The surge of IoT and Wearable Devices


iotIt all began when Apple introduced their watch which could be used as a mobile phone. Though, the affordability constraint is always out of the equation when talking about watches. More app developers will be looking for apps which are accessible similarly to the mobile phone. Many big names like Uber and Zomato have already invested in wearable devices.

5. Micro-transactions and Mobile Wallets

A study suggested that over 1.5 billion mobile wallets are used around the globe. This surge is expected to continue in upcoming years which makes it important to develop apps which can make this process easy. In my eyes, mobile wallet and micro-transactions are undoubtedly the way of the future.

6. Cloud Integration

Cloud storage is something which everyone is familiar with. It surely took a long time but now people are finally understanding the whole concept of cloud computing and integration. Developers will be into creating apps which can deliver better storage, reduced costs, and loading capacity.

7. The popularity of On-Demand Apps

This factor is still blooming in the market but is considered an innovative one. More businesses are embracing the on-demand business to fuel their growth. The reason for that is the rise in the on-demand services such as food delivery, laundry, Netflix, haircut etc.

Developers will be rushing to find ways to develop an app which can hold all the on-demand aspects for better User Experience.


Mobile app development trends are continuously raising the bar of technology and people should wake up quick. If developers are planning to make a fortune out of their hard work, they need to keep all the changes in the mobile app development trends. As we usher in another year filled with technology, the future of inquisitive app development rests in the hand of the finest brains in the business.

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