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We are living in a mobile-oriented world; people use smartphones more than anything else. Mobile applications, thus, have become the most important elements of brands, businesses, and other commercials as well as non-commercial enterprises. But as the number of applications seems to be endless, not every application is designed to give you the right kind of user experience.

So how do you save yourself from those crappy apps? Well, there’s no specific way out to sort the best mobile applications from the bad ones. The only way to get rid of these redundant applications, especially in the modern-day digitized world is developing them using the updated techniques, ultra-modern technologies, and advanced tools; a process we refer as Mobile App Development.

Okay, but what is the use of having a mobile application for businesses?

1) Enhances User Engagement:-

Having the best mobile application does the deal for you. Your customers always wish to get personalized experience from brands and want things quick. Owning a mobile application helps businesses fortify their relationships with their customers directly and improve user engagement creating more business leads.

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2) Adds a Competitive Edge:-

It’s not easy to stand in the competition, and definitely not easy to stand out among your competitors. So while your competitors are working towards giving a better experience to your targeted audience, give your customers exactly what they want and have your own mobile application with the advanced features for an effortless user experience, giving your brand a competitive edge.

3) Escalates Brand Prominence:-

Brand Prominence
When a customer will have access to your brand’s services 24×7, your brand image will make way in his subconscious mind as well. With the righteous practices of mobile app development, you can build an intuitive, highly interactive and advanced application that will help you in building up a great brand image and upsurge brand identity.

So, what are the Latest Innovative Mobile App Development Trends?

  • AR % VR: The King of All Trends:-

In a time of impending trends for mobile applications, Virtual Reality (VR)      and  Augmented Reality (AR) is considered no less than magic to the mobile devices. Especially in the gaming and entertainment sector, VR and AR trend is doing wonders.

  • AI in App Development:-

According to International Data Corporation, the AI or Artificial Market is known to cross a net profit of $47 billion by 2020. Every single part of the technology sector including Cyber Security, Intelligent apps, VPAs or Virtual Persistent Assistants, will employ the capabilities possessed by AI in each of its processes.

  • Predictive Analysis:-

Data Analytics has already carved its way into major tech giants in the mobile app industry such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, etc. This advanced software is a magnum opus within the AI and Machine Learning having the power to predict future results for your business based on the current data and the outcomes of your marketing campaigns.

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  • Mobile Payments:-

Mobile PaymentsThe widespread E-commerce sector has led to the rise in online transactions and the need for quick pay systems for the consumers. Applications such as Google Pay in Android App Development field and Apple Pay in the iOS Application Development have played a significant role in shifting the consumers to m-commerce.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs):-

This strip-down version of HTML is a result of the recent collaboration of Google and Twitter is launched with the motive to elevate the speed of mobile pages. AMP has allowed developers to give their users a one-of-a-kind user experience with fast page loading, smooth running web apps across all mobile devices.

The Mobile App industry is among the fastest growing industry catching wildfire. Alivenet Solution as a team works on delivering the powerful applications to users across various fields and sectors. Being a number-1 Mobile App Development Industry, we know our responsibility in providing you with quality services not just for Hybrid Application Development but also for iOS, Android, and other platforms.

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