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We belong to the 21st-century generation where people are highly dependent on the internet and online services to fulfill their requirements and are, in all spheres and aspects, technologically updated. This has driven companies and business brands to focus on software development and developing high-end digital solutions to retain their clientele and build a scope for expansion.

Technology has advanced so much so that it is beyond we can think for, giving us the power to control anything and everything at the click of the mouse or even better, at the tap on the screen! And it is no shocker that all of this is majorly given by the software development industry.

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But What Is Software Development?

In a layman’s words, it is about developing individual software with the help of a programming language. This method involves writing intelligent and co-related programming code in a defined programming language like HTML, for instance, in a structured file defining each and every element of the software.

The industry has limitless potential, with new updates and advancements coming every now and then giving users a level up experience beyond compare every time!

Software development involves many methodologies, each having its own merits and demerits:

1) Prototype Methodology:-

A specialized procedure, Prototype involves letting developers create a sample of the resolution and set seal on customers for its functionality to make necessary changes before releasing the final authentic file.

2) Rapid Application Development Methodology:-

As the name itself suggests, this methodology is aimed at delivering fast results through a medium of diversified development approaches. The Rapid application development methodology is used to maximize the workability of the developed software and is used by many firms providing software development services.

3) Extreme Programming Methodology:-

Also known as XP methodology, this software engineering methodology is used to create software under an imbalanced atmosphere with complex situations with greater deference. The XP Model also aims to reduce costs of software requirements. However, altering the same at later stages could become highly expensive.

4) Lean Development Methodology:-

The crux of this methodology is to build effortless software that is highly manageable as a technologically advanced model. As an agile methodology, the lean development model aims at improving the software in quickest possible time under a strict budget.

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5) Spiral Model:-

The Spiral Model is a highly sophisticated design made to lower the risks possible in the initial stages of the project. As per the methodology, developers focus on starting the project at a smaller level to identify the risks involved.


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