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The majority of people wonder, “What is the most appropriate programming language for a custom software project?” To answer this question in the simplest form, I will say, “Only you can decide that according to your needs.”

Software Development is one of the trickiest tasks one can be allotted to do. The level of information and experience required for the Best Software Development is immense. If you are thinking about Software Development, you might need all the information you can find about different Programming Languages.

There is no deficiency of preferences when it comes to selecting the best programming languages for back-end apps. The Programming languages are like the trump cards for Software Development and the best part of this; there are so many to choose from. Advancement in the technology has made us familiar with different programming languages which can be useful to help our cause. As I’ve dealt with lack of knowledge of programming language, I have to go through a lot. This is why I have talked to some experts to convey their information about different programming languages available in the market.

You can always choose to hire a Custom Software Development Company for the best Software Development Services. But if you need to gather more information before hiring someone, you are at the right place. Let me give you a brief about different programming languages.

1) JAVA:-

It is a full object-oriented strongly typed language with an extensive feature focused on cross-platform and networking compatibility. It is now 20 years old and promises flexibility, efficiency, and performance. All the applications are written in Java can virtually run on any OS, but the performance will not be as good as one would expect. Most Android applications are written in Java though you can’t simply run a regular Java app on your Android mobile nor vice-versa.

2) SQL:-

SQL is a universally used language which can help to extract and update records from databases. It was originally designed for relational databases such as Oracle and IBM DB2, but it can also be used with NoSQL databases. It is both relational and non-relational cloud database service just like AWS RDS and Redshift.

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3) C#:-

C sharp is a Microsoft clone of Java and is a general purpose object-oriented strongly-typed language. The performance of C# is good, but it is not as fast as C++. All the Software is written in C# requires.Net framework to run and is Windows-only.

4) PHP:-

php DevelopmentIt is a simple scripting language which is extremely useful for Web servers for vigorously generating content. PHP is a handy programming language as it can be embedded in an HTML page itself, along with some of the world’s most popular sites. PHP is comparatively slower than other modern scripting alternatives and a little prone to security vulnerabilities.

5) Python:-

Python is an interpreted language just like JavaScript and PHP. It is an object-oriented language which is more readable than C++. The syntax of Python is so understandable and clear that it has become the most commonly used language in introductory Computer Science classes.

A Software Development Company can offer you all these information about programming languages. They are well-versed in the field of Software Development and can make the whole process of Custom Software Development an easy task.

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