Best Restaurant Billing Software

Billing is The Most Crucial Part of Any Business and errors in it often result in heavy losses

Billing is the most crucial part of any business. Any errors and omissions in the billing can result in a very heavy loss to your business. So it is utmost necessary to take proper care to prevent billing disasters. For restaurant owners, error in the bills can keep their reputation at stake.

The Alivenet solution has a very convenient and error-free restaurant billing solution for the restaurant owners in India and abroad. Our restaurant billing software is best in the country to avoid billing disasters. Our Restaurant POS Software includes features such as instant table reservation, kitchen display system, and material management to aid in the Restaurant Management.

Why Alivenet Restaurant Billing Software?

Unlike many other restaurant-billing software in the market, our restaurant management software doesn’t result in a network issue or any other problem. This is the reason why our restaurant billing software comes so handy. Our restaurant billing software prevents billing errors such as missed entries, inaccurate calculation, thefts and deletion of registries and avoids losses to your business..

Alivenet Restaurant Management Software Features

Makes Billing Automated

No matter, how intelligent your accounts may be but a human can commit errors in calculation anytime particularly when there is too much load of customers. Our restaurant billing software automates your entire billing process and helps keep billing nightmares at bay.

Prevents Billing Errors

Billing errors can ruin customers. Due to overbooking, sometimes there occurs a delay in bill generation which makes many customers switch to some other place for dinner or lunch. Our restaurant billing software will make billing process ultra-fast so that your loyal customers don’t have to wait long after they have finished eating.

Bill Splitting Options

Often customers flocking to restaurants in group request for bill splitting to pay their individual shares. Our restaurant software makes the trick process of splitting bills as easy as a pie. Not too many software provides you with an automated split billing system. If you will attempt to split bills manually, the process will become a time- consuming exercise and prone to errors and omissions. The bills are either split on the basis of an amount or the basis of items ordered.

Table Billing Option

Our restaurant POS software has table billing option as well. Table billing option makes it easy to provide bills to customers who are waiting to leave after finishing their meals. The advantage of table billing is that it prevents the risks of orders getting muddled up. Via table billing customers can pay you via any gate they like to use for payment.