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Best Social Media Optimization Company

Alivenet Solution has years of experience in serving brands with effective social media marketing and SMO services to scales up your business growth through comprehensive strategies and result-oriented social campaigns

Creative Social Media Campaigns

Analyzing market trends and customer needs to craft creative marketing campaigns on social media such as Instagram promotion or Facebook marketing  with the aim to increase the number of leads, customer reach, activities on social media channels and improve overall results.

Content Creation & Impacting Design

Crafting eye-catchy designs and content for better crowd engagement to boost your business productivity is our focus. We build high-impacting designs to better the user experience and improve results of SMO Services (campaigns).

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Facebook Promotion

We are the best social media marketing company aimed at expanding businesses and breaking benchmarks by using innovative strategies with our SMO Services and unlocking ways of strengthening business-consumer relations through active interactions, marketing campaigns and effective Facebook marketing.

Instagram Promotion

Working closely with market trends and laying out a well-structured content &marketing plan for effective promotion on Instagram along with other social media channels is our focus. Our expert team multiplies your business growth with the best promotional tools and industrial practices.

Social Media Strategic Planning

Pre-defined plans and structured modules for help Social Media Optimization provide improved results and help you build great business prospects through targeting the right audience.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO Services) deals with all the different aspects of social media to generate more traffic and influence rankings of your website. Greater Visibility is considered the heart of a business and it can influence the success of an enterprise. With the help of proper SMO tactics, you can gain more visibility for your business.

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Do I Really Need Social Media?

The need for social media clearly depends on your purpose of using it. For businesses, it is a great way to promote your brands at zero cost and show your customers that you are active. Also, it is an excellent tool to reach out to a wide network of audiences spread across the globe. For individuals, it is an open space to chat, interact, and share ideas with people they know or want to know. So, you may not require social media for winning new customers or people but you definitely need them to retain your potential clients. Also, in a digital world that we live in, taking advantage of the right social media channels for the industry you belong to is essential to grow your business.

Do I Need an SMM Manager?

Yes, you need an experienced SMM Manager to handle the social media and SMO for your business brand. Business is run by its organization which are a group of individuals with different skillsets that work together to uplift the business organization and have a significant role in the development of the business. Similarly, an experienced SMM Manager can help you stay ahead of trends, create & manage social media campaigns to drive customer sales, increase your brand’s direct engagement with audiences, and has the right expertise to present your brand online to lay a great influence on your target audiences. The SMM Manager hired by you will work on establishing thoughtful strategies to market your brand using the power of social media. He will make sure that your social media profiles are handled well, content posting is regular, and marketing campaigns lead to productive results through his years of knowledge and experience in the field.

How Often Should I Post?

Consistency in posting content on your social media channels is the key to success. According to various research data available online, there is a right time to post the right content on social media. Also, the number of posts to be posted on social media varies from channel to channel. For instance, you should post 1-2 posts on social media channels like Facebook & Instagram but 1 post a day would do for LinkedIn. Similarly, 3-5 tweets is apt for your Twitter account and 3 pins a day is ideal for Pinterest. The idea is to post quality content consistently across all social media channels to increase customer engagement, generate potential leads, and build your business. But all of these would take surface if your content is of top quality and relatable for your audiences. Posting regular content which adds no worth to your business and does not comprehend with your business values will lead to the downfall of your business instead.

Can I Repost the Same Content to Different Social Media Networks?

Reposting the exact content as posted on one social media channel is certainly not advised to any business, brand or person. However, the content can be tweaked and presented in a different way. For instance, if you are to promote a drink on various social networking websites. Then your product would remain the same but marketing the same could be done in multiple ways. Many businesses adapt a smart approach of reposting content. That is why you may see many creative posts providing similar information and details but in different ways. An exact copy of one post cannot be shared on multiple forums if you really want social media to work for you. Reposting exact content is not only bad for your customer engagement but also from a strong SEO point of view.

How To Handle Negative Comments on Social Media?

Every bad comment on your social media profile affects your brand image severely. And it is open for anyone active on the channel to view those comments and judge your brand on the basis of the reviews posted by others. The best way to handle negative comments on social media is to hire an executive to handle comments and your social media page. Be as active as possible. Make sure you are able to revert and review each comment within 15 minutes of posting it. You should be able to judge negative comments and able to figure out the Internet trolls and dissatisfied customers. Other ways to protect your channel from negative comments is by keeping a close check at the type of content which is being posted on your social media profile, tracking what clients say in reviews, improving the aspects which needs your attention, checking other platforms on the whole to better understand customer needs and what they expect from you.

Which Social Media Channels Should I Use? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest?

Each social networking website has its own importance and relevance. But it is not necessary to use all the social media channels. Although, it is advisable to use the trending sites as a tool to market your brand. As per a report by State of Social 2018, more than 96% of marketers use Facebook, 70% marketers are using Instagram & LinkedIn, roughly 89% of the marketers use Twitter, approximately 11% use Snapchat and an estimate of 33% marketers use Pinterest. So clearly, Facebook is the most strong social media channel leading all others today which cannot be missed by any chance. However, the use of other channels completely depends on the purpose and basis of your business brand.

How to Find Content Specific to Your Audience?

Content marketers put in a great deal of efforts in matching with the demands of the target audience. They are always on a hunt to come up with something new and exciting for their target audience. However, consistency is somewhere missed due to the change in customer preferences and demands.

The best way to find out if the content is appealing to the audience is keeping a check on certain metrics including number of visitors reading the content, how many new visitors are coming and how many old visitors are being missed, conversion rate, bounce rate, average time spent by a visitor on a page, etc. Marketers should have a keen eye on the competitors’ strategy of engaging audience and understanding the reason behind high bounce rate or low conversion rate on their website. Make a list of the keywords that are most searched by your target audience and do your research. Conduct online forums, polls, surveys, social media interactions, customer surveys, networking events, etc to find out about the content requirements of your target audience. This will help you better understand the needs of your audiences you plan to cater and then lay a fool proof strategy to provide content specific to your audience.

How Social Media Can Be a Key Driver of Traffic to Your Website?

Social Media has become far from being just a networking website. Today, it is a medium of sourcing traffic to several websites and generating business leads for several small and big scale businesses. Every company focuses on extensive social media marketing to manage their online reputation, boost traffic, generate more potential business leads, and use social media as a tool to have a direct interaction with their target audiences. Research says that more than 92% of the small business organizations using social media marketing strategies consider it to be an integral part of their business development. Recent studies also reveal that social media now accounts for almost one-third of the total website traffic, a number which is growing at top speed!

Many websites offer social media icons on their web pages to allow their visitors to share their content on their respective social media profiles so as to engage more audiences. Other ways to make social media as a key driver of traffic for your website can be by running paid campaigns, posting engaging content on company’s social media pages as well as profiles, adding your website link to your social media profiles, reposting content that you find interactive and relevant for your audiences, creating groups for open discussions with your direct audiences, etc.

How Should We Be Using Twitter for Marketing?

Twitter is a popular short-message communication tool used worldwide. These short messages are known as ‘Tweets’ and can include links, images, videos, text, etc. It is recognized as a micro blogging tool along with Tumblr and others.

Twitter is all about how well you present your brand to the audience. The more number of re-tweets you get, the more viral your content is going on the platform and the bigger your target audience will become. Businesses and brands should make an interesting username that is relatable to the audience in order to gain maximum benefit from Twitter for their business marketing.

In order to build a customer base, businesses should have a solid foundation by completing their business profile with complete bio and profile image that best fits their brand. Other ways to use Twitter for Business marketing is by following businesses, customers, competitors, associate partners, etc. This will notify them that you also are active on the platform and will follow back to start an interaction. Lastly, you should post interactive and engaging content on your Twitter account with a correct use of hash tags to get maximum number of likes, comments, and re-tweets. This can be achieved by either adding unique content created by you or by searching content online that your audience can relate with and sharing it on twitter to make customers easily relate with what your business is dealing in.

How Should We Be Using LinkedIn for Marketing?

LinkedIn is considered to be the most professional of all the social networking websites used today. It has a user base of more than 450 million business professionals. The platform is largely focused on forming B2B connections and is known to be the reason behind 80% of your potential leads generated by social media. So the bottom line is, LinkedIn can be the catapult of your business and help you extensively market yourself provided you have the right strategy that will help you flourish.

The first step towards using LinkedIn as a medium to market your business brand; is to establish a good company profile. Your profile speaks a lot about your brand so it is of utmost importance to have a profile that best portrays your business & its services. Next, you should make solid connections with your current staff, business partners, potential clients, and people you find relevant to your business. LinkedIn also offers special features of creating groups and influencers which must be used with the right strategic mind to promote your brand well using the platform. Leveraging on LinkedIn for your business branding can be done if you have followed these important facts and posting regular updates on your business profile.

Is YouTube Important for Marketing?

Indeed, YouTube has a great potential to market your brand. It is a platform to share videos and presentations for free and presenting it to the right audiences using the most relevant tags suitable for your business. Statistics also report that YouTube gets, on an average of 3 billion videos per day out of which, more than 70% of traffic is generated outside the United States. So clearly, YouTube has a great potential for marketers to promote their businesses and brands on this popular platform.

The concept of getting a video ‘viral’ has immensely helped small businesses flourish overnight. What viral videos means basically is that an interesting media content that gets shared by multiple users on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Brands whose video gets viral get to touch a wide audience base without really investing a dime in their marketing. However, the key to use YouTube as an extensive marketing tool is to create original content which best fits the needs of the audiences to get maximum number of shares, views, and comments. For more effective results, businesses can even collaborate with bloggers and popular YouTube sensations and increase their customer base.

What Are Some General Tips for Social Media Success?

Social media has evolved from being just a social networking website to an effective marketing platform to promote your brand. Businesses of all sizes use social media as an extensive marketing tool to market their businesses with the aim to generate more traffic as well as greater potential business leads necessary for any business’s development.

Some effective ways to get social media success for your business marketing include:

  • Developing extensive marketing strategies while keeping in mind customer needs.
  • Setting up attractive business profiles that clients can relate to.
  • Posting regular and relevant content that best caters to the demands of the target audience.
  • Using the power of media graphics, eye-catchy pictures, and text to engage maximum number of online visitors.
  • Using various strategies to increase number of followers on your business accounts across multiple social media channels.
  • Using more than one social networking platform to market your brand.
  • Keeping track of the latest market trends and changes in the customer preferences.
  • Sharing engaging content on social media that can reach to a wider network of individuals.
  • Have an influential business profile that lays a deep impression on the customers.

Follow these tips to reap maximum benefits from your social media marketing.

What Are the Top Social Media Tools?

There are countless social media tools available today. With the number of online users increasing like wildfire, more and more tools can be found every day used by businesses of all sizes to help them flourish. Many social media platforms have become homes to several small-scale businesses today to run and manage their businesses such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

However, managing multiple social media accounts might become no less than a nightmare to the marketers. This is because they have a whole list of managing content, scheduling posts, analyzing consumer reaction, laying out strategies, etc. The list of activities to be managed and maintained seems to be endless! That is why there are many social media management tools available today to ease out the work for social media marketers. Some of these include:

  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social
  • Sprinklr
  • Salesforce Social Studio
  • Splice
  • Owlmetrics
  • Agorapulse, etc.

Social media is a great way to influence customers to like your brand. It proves as an effective way to establish strong relationships between businesses and audiences through regular interactions & customer-engaging content. Researches even show that today, social media accounts for a third of the total traffic of a website. And the number seems to be growing every day!

What Is the ROI of Social Media?

In simple terms, the ROI of social media can be understood in terms of efficiency. It shows us the results attained by conducting a social media campaign. The practicality of return of investments used in the business context may not directly be applied to the return on investment of social media. However, it does have a certain degree of significance in terms of the returns achieved on social media marketing, which may be monetary as well as non-monetary.

ROI on social media can be calculated by measuring the amount of funds investing on social media marketing against the returns achieved. It may be in terms of customer engagement, number of shares, market sales, or other potential parameters defining business growth.

Some metrics based on which you can measure the ROI of social media include:

  • Signups and conversions
  • Website Traffic
  • Number of leads generated
  • Audience engagement & interaction
  • Customer reach
  • Revenue generated, etc.

To measure the returns gained of social media, you must first set some social media goals and objectives. This will help you better compare between the goals set by you against the targets achieved and then further channelize better ways to achieve the set social media goals.

Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media?

Social media has become a keynote to the marketing of any business or brand today. It has gone far from being a medium of interaction to becoming a potential source of generating business leads, engaging audiences, and establishing customer-business relations in the most effective manner.

One of the major reasons why more and more businesses are using the power of social media for their business expansion is the cost-effectiveness it carries. Primarily, there are no costs involved in creating a business profile on any social media website. The only cost you would have to pay is on running paid campaigns to reach wider audiences across the world. Another reason is because social media has millions and billions of users. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform; the number of active users is immense giving businesses the opportunity to connect to a wide network of people to market themselves.

With social media, communication with direct audiences becomes a piece of cake. This is helpful in building trust among the audiences for a specific brand as they get the opportunity to directly associate as well as interact with the business. Brands that have been ignoring the power of social media are at a loss of countless opportunities. So clearly, it is next to impossible for any business brand to ignore social media.