UI, UX and GUI – User Interface Design and Development

The functionality of websites and web Applications depends on how smart and quick their User Interface Design is. How quick and smart a UI Design interface is depends on how well it is designed.

The UI and UX Developers of Alivenet Solution utilize all their expertise, skills, and knowledge to design highly creative & user friendly interfaces for their clients. Our work force here at Alivenet Solution selects the latest UI and UX design resources to produce a quality UI design.

Alivenet Solution is instrumental in providing the top quality UI Designing services to the organizations and Individuals across the globe who are interested in making their websites aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional as we always keep in mind the needs of our esteemed patrons.We always provide them with the best and accurate website designing solutions.

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Alivenet UI And UX Interface Design Solutions

It requires an in-depth understanding and highly creative skills to process an effective UI Design. Whether it is a mobile App or a website, our highly skilled and experienced UI and UX Developers always prioritize consistency and functionality over style and trends. You can check our Industry pages to know how well we have designed effective user Interface designs for our patrons in a wide range of sectors.

We are flexible enough to customize design processes for our varied types of clients. Whatever the specifics of your trade or business are we can assist you with some or all stages of the UI Designing project development cycle. Our goal will always be to provide you with an innovative UI design to help you achieve your long-term goals.

UI/UX solutions Alivenet solution offers to clients include:

  • Front End Development
  • Information Architecture
  • App Workflow Simulation
  • Seamless Design Communication
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UI/UX Solutions

  • Web and Mobile UI/UX
  • User Interface Design
  • Usability Testing

Graphical User (GU) Interface

The graphical user (GU) interface is a user interface that enables a user to interact with electronic gadgets via visual indicators and graphical icons. Instead of a text-based interface, the interface is built on the basis of secondary notation. The GU Interface design works via direct manipulation of the graphical elements.

Uses of GUI Design Interface

The GUI Design Interface is used in computers, handheld mobile devices such as portable media players, gaming devices, mp3 players, industrial controls, and smartphones. However, it can’t be used for video games, volumetric displays, and flat screens because it works with only two-dimensional screens.

Key Factors Of Alivenet Solution UI UX Designs

The strength of the user-centric UI UX design interfaces we create is their simplicity with ultra-modern and exhilarating designs. Our skilled team of designers and developers try their best to create perfection in user flow and firmness in each element of the design. Our UI UX design team ensures that the design becomes user-friendly to maximize user engagement and satisfaction.

Following are the 3 key factors of our every UI UX design

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Understanding The Requirement

The process we adopt to create a UI UX design includes researching and understanding the needs of the clients. The research will include identifying the target audience, purpose and expectations of the client.

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Testing The Interface

Once a design is created, it is then tested properly to know if it really meets the expectations set for it or not.

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Creating A UI UX Design

After proper researching, our web development team starts creating a UI UX design for the client’s website or web application. This phase of the process includes building storyboards for each use case.

Principles of every User Interface Design Project

Every UI Design for an HTML Website is completing in four phases. Here are the four phases we follow to create a user interface design for any HTML Website:


The UI structure phase involves overall planning of the design. The designers systematize the User Interface design on the basis of obvious but reliable models.


Alivenet Web development professionals ensure that user interface should become user-friendly and tasks are made simpler. The interface design should provide good shortcuts to longer procedures.


Our UI designs keep all options and materials available to accomplish a given task and sans unneeded or irrelevant information.

Feedback Platform

The fourth phase is to create Feedback and client- business interaction platform to increase contact between business and its clients. The users remain updated with every update, change, fault or exception that are important for both the client and the user.