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Like every social media website, Facebook has also always focused on enhancing the user experience. There have been many updates since the inception of Facebook and in the recent few months, users have seen updates regarding increased security for the users. Facebook tackled with numerous loopholes to give a better user experience and has devised new ways with which the platform can be improved. Half of 2018 has been spent and we have seen a number of updates and new features which have made the Facebook more and more utilizable.

Here, in this blog, we have curated a list of updates features that have been introduced to Facebook pages. Facebook has been seen rolling out numerous updates for the business pages in order to maximize the exposure of social media marketing for the local businesses.

Info & Ads Feature

One of the most recent features which have been introduced for the Facebook business pages is the info & ad feature. This allows Facebook users to view all the ads which any Facebook page is running. Even if the users aren’t following the respective pages or if the users are not from the targeted audience group, the ad is visible to them. This has been done in order to enhance the transparency. In addition to transparency, it also allows the users to have an insight into the general history of the page. There is a new Ad Facebook transparency tool which allows the users to see all the ads the page is running currently. From a competitor’s point of view, the update has helped incredibly as you can see all the currently running ads and you might be able to look at all the offers and newer ideas to introduce in your campaign.

Cross posting to Instagram

instagram cross postingAnother new feature added to Facebook is the option for cross-posting. Facebook has lately introduced the cross-posting feature with which a single post can be posted directly to the Instagram page. This is convenient and extremely time-saving. But there is one thing which people need to keep in mind and that is the cross-posting feature is available only if you are uploading a single picture/post. Cross posting to Instagram is not available for multiple pictures.

Augmented Reality Ads

It is well-known that augmented reality has a tremendous selling potential. As this technology really doesn’t require any kind of the investment of the potential customers which cannot actually afford which virtual reality is doing right now. To capture the attention of users, it is more or less essential to create dynamic and engaging ads. However, augmented reality ads have not been started as of yet but in the F8 Developer Conference 2018, Facebook had announced that they are going to test the augmented reality ads. There are going to be selected brands with which the augmented reality ads will be tested. The respective ads are going to utilize Facebook’s in-app camera in order to look at how the products would look on them.

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The Workplace for Good

Facebook has recently created a new and free version specifically keeping educational institutes and non-profit organizations in mind. This is going to help these organizations in communicating and organizing more efficiently on Facebook. With this, anybody having a Workplace account can easily create and manage their own online communities. There are a number of features introduced in this, some of which are Instant messaging, HD video calls, high-tech integrations, Chatbots, etc.

Fundraising Tools

Here is some more good news for the non-profit organizations. Facebook has recently introduced another fundraising option. Pages of public figures or any brand can now directly donate to the non-profit organizations. Users can make recurrent donations to any of the nonprofit fundraisers.

Check your Time Spent on Facebook

There is a prototype for the “Your time on Facebook” tool. This is developed in order to show the users, what amount of time they are spending on Facebook. With this, the users can see the average hours they have spent on Facebook. On the application, the users can set the time which alerts the users when they are about to reach the set time. This is matching the digital wellness initiative that has also been observed with YouTube and Instagram.

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Subscription Groups

Facebook is testing this new paid subscription model which is going to give the admins an ability with which they can create subgroups for only subscribers. Members will be charged a monthly fee with which they can sign-up and manage the subscription to the respective groups through the mobile app. The ability to proffer exclusive content is a great way to monetize the Facebook community which you have built.

The subscription group feature has to be tested very carefully and there are only a few admins who are involved in this as there is no widespread information about it.

E-commerce Review Tool

ecommerce review toolFacebook has recently launched another tool under the Recent Ads Activity Dashboard. This feature enables the users to give their feedback on the products which are advertised. There is a “Leave Feedback” button with which the users can easily leave their feedback. By clicking the Leave Review option, the users will be asked some questions with which they can tell Facebook about their experience. While positive reviews are appreciated, negative reviews can help the businesses and brands to improve whatever changes are required to do.

Service & Product Listings

Business pages will now, with this update, feature information like price range, hours, any restaurant’s menu or recommendations, etc.

New Requirements

When businesses reach the correct audience with the perfect ads, it creates an altogether better experience for Facebook users. Keeping this in mind, the team at Facebook has decided to keep the advertising solutions simple to use. This is why there are new requirements for the custom audiences that have been built from customer files. These are totally focused upon transparency and accountability. With custom audiences, advertisers can reach the audiences which are more likely to build a relationship with the brand.

These are some of the major updates and new tools which have been introduced for Facebook business pages. These are developed in order to benefit the businesses and build healthy and prosperous relationships between brands and customers.

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