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RankBrain has been one of the hot topics in SEO news since it emerged back in 2015. And after the recent announcement by Google about RankBrain being the third-largest ranking signal, the message is very clear regarding the importance of RankBrain in the SEO services world today! In fact, this is the very first time for Google to talk openly about their algorithms and updates, so it certainly calls for major public attention.

What Exactly Is Rankbrain?

RankBrain is a machine learning or AI algorithm used by Google to understand and sort through the search engine results. The first time Google announced for the use of this algorithm was on October 26, 2015. RankBrain has given the power to improve the algorithm testing for Google to decipher what is the best content for a specific keyword.

google rankbrainThe most unique aspect of RankBrain which distinguishes it from others is its capability to learn and not follow a given set of rules and regulations programmed into it. The basic functionality of RankBrain is that it uses artificial intelligence to find out terms that are similar in nature to the words typed by a user in the search bar to have a better understanding of the users’ preference to further provide results that best fit to a user’s query.

RankBrain works constantly on the learning aspect by emphasizing on a set of metrics such as on-page time, bounce rates, etc to provide the best possible results to Google for a better understanding of terms that may not have been known before. As an AI system, RankBrain has the power to interpret users’ search results in a way which is beyond the possibilities of a human being.

A Brief History of the Google RankBrain Algorithm

Before algorithms came into the picture, Google used to pay attention to the use of keywords above everything. Today, Google has far moved from keyword usage to algorithms like Hummingbird and RankBrain which are the latest among the long chain of algorithms.

RankBrain can be understood as a depuration of what is already being done by Google. Also, it isn’t the only component of the algorithm spoken about; others also exist including Mobile-friendly, Pirate, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, etc.

All of these components were derived for different purposes. But after a thorough analysis by Google and finding weaknesses, did Google realized a need for a more contextual tool and thus, RankBrain came into the picture.

Importance of Google RankBrain

Google has always been hushed about their algorithms and updates. However, RankBrain came out as an exception.

Google accepted that RankBrain is the third most important element in the search algorithm, after Links and Content. Considering the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of ranking signals that impact RankBrain, Google stated that RankBrain as an AI system is of great importance in the present SEO world.

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The major benefit or the most important aspect of RankBrain is its ability to directly link with page rankings. This is especially beneficial for us as we have a chance to better optimize our content to generate the best results possible!

How Is It Relevant To Business?

RankBrain is most likely to favour that content on the internet which has some genuine use to the audience and written in a natural language. For instance, if a specific content is very much similar to what people generally speak about, it is most likely to be favoured by RankBrain.

The open announcement by Google signals the drastic shift from the use of old-school SEO techniques to more conventional means such as RankBrain.

Final Views: Rankbrain and Optimizing Content for Google

optimizing contentUndoubtedly, RankBrain has brought a fresh breeze in the SEO world, bringing an all-new wave of improving SEO Ranks altogether! And if you are confident about the quality of content, information-rich website that will be useful for the audiences, you are already on the right path!

We can expect Google to come up with better and improved versions of RankBrain in the near future as technology advances, along with its other ranking signals and search algorithms.

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And if you are willing to reap maximum benefits from the Google RankBrain, make sure you are ready to bring in some relevant changes in the quality & type of content offered by you. If you are able to serve the audience with user-oriented content that best fits their needs, up-to-date and conversational for the audiences to comprehend, chances are you will level-up your website’s performance in terms of website ranks by pleasing the latest and ever-changing Google learning Algorithm.

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