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We all like sticking numbers on things. Usually with a motive to compare and contrast them with other similar things. And, in this, the website is not an exception. What webmaster would not like to compare his/her website with that of a competitor? And, there is one of a kind metrics calculation tool that allows people to do exactly this. Alexa tells you ‘how well your website does on the competitive forefront’. It informs you about the amount of traffic your website attracts and rank it by comparing with the similar websites.

Alexa is a subsidiary company of Amazon.com that was acquired in the year 1999. It is a California based company that specializes in providing web traffic information gathered from various sources like web browser extensions and toolbars. Alexa is best known for its Website rank checker tool that ranks the website in the order of popularity. The Alexa Traffic Rank Checker lists the websites ranking them on the basis of ‘how well the website is performing’ among the competitors for over the past 3 years.

A Guide to Improving Your Alexa Rank

Produce quality and engaging content: Google was founded with a motto to provide one-point of access to get highly-reliable and authentic information. With respect to the user’s search query, the content should be original, relevant, and should to written with an intent to provide the correct information. And, content that fails to provide all of these can never build loyal audiences. A user comes to find valuable information on Google. And, when the user finds such content, it turns the visitors into loyal customers. Possibilities are that the users will share such content among their group, friends, and on social media.

Invest in the inbound links: Adding inbound links to your website clearly define your business niche to Google. It also increases the trust and quality of your website among in the ‘eyes’ of Google and the users. So, invest in authoritative inbound links and get some from the sites that are already performing well on Google. The inbound links must be used in conjugation with relevant, original, and quality content. Moreover, internal links are also helpful in letting Google understand the content of your website and determine how valuable it is to the users.

Search the keywords that can drive more traffic: Start with finding the keywords that your competitors are using and optimize your site for those keywords. You can also try investing in the PPC campaigns for those keywords. Do a little research and know what your target audiences are searching. Go for both short-tailed and long-tailed keywords in the context of the needs and desires of the users.

Learn the marketing strategies of your competitors: As a digital marketing company, Alivenet Solutions believes that it is very important to analyze your competitor marketing strategies. The competitor analysis gives you a clear understanding of what metrics are important, what strategies are working, and allow you to identify what things can work for your business.

Employ the best SEO practices: SEO for your website requires a significant amount of time and attention. It is no more about promotion but visibility and sustainability at the competitive forefront. It is more about making your website a better place for quality content. It is all about providing a great user experience with a hope of getting good conversion. Alivenet Solution is a digital marketing company in Delhi. The company has years of experience in the field and have helped small to the medium-sized business with the latest digital marketing services. For affordable SEO services for your website, you can easily contact the company and ask for the digital marketing proposal.

Benefits of having a lower Alexa Ranking

If your website has a good Alexa ranking, this means you have all chances to make your website popular, earn more revenue, and increase your sales. After you use the website rank checker and get to know that your rankings are the lowest, you can avail the following benefits from it.

  • You get to analyze and know the real marketing potential of your website. If your Alexa ranking is the lowest, your website has more opportunities to sell more stuff online. You can consistently sell more products and invest in the launch of the new ones. If you need help knowing the correct Alexa ranking of your website and what strategies to employ for launching a new product, you can contact Alivenet Solution.
  • People use Alexa Traffic Rank Checker to estimate the website ranking as well as to determine the popularity of the site. The lower is the Alexa Traffic Rank Checker result, better will be the engagement and more will be the popularity.

The website rank checker is a useful competitive tool to evaluate your website against your competitors’. You get to compare the marketing strategies and popularity, and then set the targets to achieve better results. The Alexa Traffic Rank Checker provides you with a ‘Compare Sites’ option to measure the result of your website in comparison with the competitor’s.

Conclusion about the Alexa Rank

Alivenet Solution strongly recommends using Alexa Traffic Rank Checker to calculate the web traffic. It gives important metrics about your website that can be useful in laying the new digital marketing strategy that can surpass the competitors. This website rank checker helps you know ways to increase traffic, improve Google ranking, and attract new customers. It provides an opportunity to grow your business, earn more leads, and improve the bottom-line. It is one of the tools for SEO audits, especially to compare your website with the competitors and add valuable information that your website was missing out on. Although there can be a good debate on whether or not one must use Alexa ranking tool, the webmasters of Alivenet Solutions use it as an essential part of the digital marketing services. So, the Alexa Traffic Rank Checker is a valuable source of information to improve the entire performance of your website.

What is Alexa Traffic Ranking?

The company provides users with a free toolbar called Alexa rank checker that helps them to know about which websites the users visits frequent and are popular. This information is available for free on the Alexa website. The website with the lowest number in traffic is better. And, Alivenet Solution believes that it is important for every business and entrepreneurs to review their website rankings periodically and ensure that it progresses towards the lowest number. The Alexa Traffic Rank Checker is fast and easy to use. It helps in keeping an eye on key parameters to increase traffic and sales and earn more revenue.

If you have never used this website rank checker tool, Alivenet Solutions recommends using it to know the number of visitors on your website gets. All you need to do is add this tool to your website or visit the official Alexa website and enter your website’s URL. Type the full domain name and hit on the ‘Check Alexa Rank’ button. And, you will get the desired results and no end of other interesting metrics.

Alexa Traffic Rank Checker involves determining two basic parameters: Page Views and Reach. Page View is defined as the number in which a user visits a webpage multiple times in a single day. On the other hand, Reach is a number of users that visit a particular website in a single day. The Alexa ranking calculated by getting the geometric mean of Page Views and Reach over a period of three months.

When it comes to SEO, every business tries to employ the best strategies to rank good on the Google search results pages. ‘To get a good amount of quality traffic on the website’ is what every business struggles to attain. And, in this, the Alexa Traffic Rank Checker provides you with the reliable information that can be helpful for improving the position of your website among the competitors. You can easily view the position of your website locally and globally.

How Does Alexa Rank work?

Now that you know how important it is to add Alexa toolbar for website ranking auditing, next you must learn how it calculates and gives the results. Alexa checks your website based on the information it receives through the Alexa toolbar or via Alexa Traffic Rank Checker. This toolbar is easily available for Chrome, Firefox, and the Internet Explorer and you can easily download through the Alexa website. To provide you with the accurate statistics about your website, Alexa has a large panel of traffic analysts consisting of million people all over the world. Depending on the sample data that is obtained from this panel, Alexa Traffic Rank Checker estimates the number of visitors on your website. Although the calculations are complicated, it involves identifying the genuine traffic and discarding the fake or spam traffic. The data analysts of Alexa are best at their job, and, so you can rest assured for the end result. The result is free from errors and non-human data so that it becomes easy for you to make the best decisions about your business.

Everyday Alexa estimates the average number of daily users on the basis of Page Views and Reach for the past three months. And, the website with the highest combination of Page Views and Reach is ranked as number one. And the website with the least number will be ranked around 40 million. Moreover, if Alexa’s website rank checker cannot reach a particular website for over the past three months, there will be no rank at all for the website.

Why Use Alexa Rank Checking Tool?

To evaluate how well your website performs among the competitors and lay a futuristic digital marketing strategy to improve the Google rankings and the revenue. The Alexa Traffic Rank Checker will give some important metrics about your website that helps in making your website a better place for the customers. Doing this double sure your chances of converting the visitors into the payable customers.

How SEOs Use Bulk Alexa Rank Checker?

The SEO executives use the Alexa Traffic Rank Checker to bulk analyze the ranking metrics of up to 10 websites at a time. The experts check your website in comparison with the other websites and provide you with two types of results: Global Rank and Local Rank. Global Rank means the overall rank of your website in accordance with the whole world. On the other hand, Local Rank means specifically ranking your website based on your country.

Why is Alexa Ranking Important?

Alexa Ranking can give you the general information about your website. It gives a clear idea to the expert webmasters about the marketing potential of your website. Having a good Alexa ranking ensure that your websites appear on the top Google results in respect to the queries of the users. You get the maximum of clicks, likes, and visits. This improves your online market position and chances of you earning more revenue. You get ample opportunities to surpass your competitors. You plan new strategies, invest in new products, and generate a new source of revenue.

Which factors does Alexa analyze?

Alexa Traffic Rank Checker basically analyze two factors: Page Views and Reach. The Page Views is the number of users that visit a particular webpage multiple times a day. And, the Reach is defined as the number of users that visit one particular website once in a day. After determining these two factors, the Alexa Traffic Rank Checker calculates your website rank by getting the geometric mean of the Page Views and Reach for over 3 months of time.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Fast, Improve Alexa Ranking Quickly?

You need to produce more engaging, relevant, and original content. Content is still the king. It is the key to attract more users and make them loyal customers. Invest in the inbound link building. You should determine the new keywords that can generate more traffic. Practice good SEO and hire a famous digital marketing company like Alivenet Solution for better results.

Which sites are in the Alexa Top 10 Global?

  1. Google.com
  2. Youtube.com
  3. Facebook.com
  4. Baidu.com
  5. Wikipedia.org
  6. Yahoo.com
  7. Qq.com
  8. Tmail.com
  9. Taobao.com
  10. Twitter.com