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Domain Age is the most important factor for obtaining a good and lasting position on Google SERPs. The older domain is at the better position on Google as compared to the younger domain. The older domains have experience and skills to make more wise decisions of information sharing. And, this is what Google wants. The reason why Google consider domain age to be older is that if you are on the internet for a longer time, you must already be publishing the quality content based on the skills and experience. And, this means that your website has made it through all the Google barriers and is considered as one of the best among the competitors. On the other hand, the younger domains are new to the family and will take its own time to make its special place in the Google search results. The younger domains will have to struggle hard to keep up with the competition and move forward and improve the results. And, in this course, a few pushes and pulls are quite normal. The older ones have already established their position but the younger ones are still toddlers. Gradually they will live up to the Google’s expectations and form their own identity.

Often when you launch a new website, there are two ways to get good rankings and a firm position in Google SERPs. Frist is quality content sharing, monetizing it, and keeping the website active. Second, purchasing an aged domain. The first option is quite understandable and you must already be doing it. You are only clueless about the second option which is know how to buy an aged domain.

How to purchase Aged Domains?

You can buy an aged and expired domain and get it easily registered for your business. But, the question is how to check whether or not the aged domain is expired. Is there any simple way to check this? In respect to what others recommend you, the Domain Age Checker tool by Alivenet Solution is very useful. You will have a great success with our Domain Age Checker tool for checking the age and expire criteria of the give domain name.

It is important to know that once a domain is expired it follows this cycle- expiration, recovery period, deletion pending, and then finally deletion. If you want to buy an expired domain, you better buy it before it reaches the final deletion stage. Because, once the domain is deleted, it loses its age and becomes available again. Therefore, purchase the expired domain before it gets deleted and gets fair advantages of the same. You can buy the expired domain from auction houses like Godaddy. Such auction houses present you with the list of all the expired domains and allow you to bid for your selected domain. And, the one with the best bid can buy the domain.

Why does domain age matter?

Like said before, if it important for Google, it is mandatory for you. Google loves and considers the domain names with more age. The older domain has more experience and skills and knows ways to share the information as desired by Google. If you are an older domain this means that you have been there for a longer period, sharing quality content based on your business niche and expertise. And, this is enough for Google to consider your website for the SERP results. Whereas, the new domain name is like a newborn baby. It takes time to get to know about the Google algorithms, guidelines, and ways to come back if is affected. The domain’s journey from being a baby, toddler to a fully grown-up professional will take time, each stage with a unique set of challenges to face. Therefore, you can either wait patiently for your domain to get old or can buy an expired domain from auction houses. The only catch with buying the expired domain is that you have to deal with the name that is available. You can use our Domain Age Checker tool to inquire about the domain age and Whois tool to know a complete information about the domain. Moreover, if you want to stick with your selected name then purchasing the expired domain is not for you.

The domain age matters for Google. It gives a sense of authenticity about your business. It means you have already employed genuine marketing tactics to get yourself a good recognition in the Google SERPs. This also means that your target audience loves you and you are a great competition for the businesses of your niche. So, when a new domain of your business niche knocks at the Google for crawling, your website will always beat it and will continue to be at the best position in the SERPs. Of course, this is only for a while, the new domain with white hat SEO can easily get itself ranked at the first page of SERP. But this takes time.

If you want to buy a new domain name or an expired domain, use our tool Domain Age Checker and check for the availability of the same. At a time you can check the information of more than 100 domains. The Domain Age Checker is easy to use as well as quick. It gives you the information about the domain name, its age, its date of creation, its date of expiry, and the name of the registrar. Let us explain you the ways to use the tool.

How to Use our Domain Age Checker tool?

With this tool, you can check the domain age of 100 URLs all at once. Simply copy and paste the website links in the ‘Paste your URL’s here’ box. Click on the ‘SUBMIT’ button and wait for a few seconds. The Domain Age Checker tool provides you with a complete domain information in the same order you listed in the search box. From the information that the tool makes available for you, you can easily check the availability of the domain. You can check whether or not the domain you are looking for is expired. The Domain Age Checker tool is very useful, quick, and easy to use. And, in case you face trouble using it, you can easily contact us and we will help you know the domain information. Moreover, we can also help you buy the domain you desire.

How much weight does a domain age have on SEO?

We do SEO for a firm and established a position in the Google SERPs. And, domain age is one of the major factors that can give quality results in SERPs. The reason why aged domains work better with SEO is that of the quality backlinks. Google checks the backlinks and the dominance of the website. And, in this, if your website is authoritative, it will get ranked higher in the result. The older domain age means you have a high reputation in the market and that you are the experienced one. It means you get a good amount of traffic because the people online already know about you. Having traffic requires time, money, and efforts. So, buying an older domain with already established traffic by the previous owner will be a true success. Use our Domain Age Checker tool to know the domain names with more traffic. Buy one and maintain the amount of traffic and start working on increasing the same. Therefore, this way you save money and efforts to get ranked in the Google SERPs.

Why Google does look at the Domain age?

Google looks at the domain age to inquire whether or not your website is authoritative and shares quality content. It also checks if your website is free from phishing or spamming activities. It is one of the ways of Google to ensure you use genuine marketing practices to rank in the SERPs. This also means that you have employed the White Hat SEO techniques to earn the revenue. The monetization of content is also done on the basis of guidelines set by Google. Alone, the domain age of the website gives a little but important information to Google which is enough to drop up or pull down the website’s rankings. This is the reason many marketers are always on the hunt to find a good domain name with an older age. This opens up the gate for the fair advantages that one can attain from the domain name.

What do you need to know about Domain age?

Most of the well-established websites have old domain names; even Flipkart, Myntra, Amazon, etc. having an older domain name makes it easy for Google to differentiate between the valuable and illegitimate domains. The older domain receives a great amount of traffic and ranks quickly on the Google SERPs. It gives better SEO results and a firm market position. The results from the older domain are lasting and qualitative.

Conclusion about Domain age

The domain age is of greater importance for Google. It is one of the major driving factors in SEO. Every marketer strives to buy the older domain name to get better results from SEO and improve the rankings. Many businesses, along with their own website, buy another domain name which is a bit older to drive more traffic and earn from the same. They practice ethical marketing methods to improve the rankings on Google. And, in this course, the businesses always think that hiring a professional is the safe and the surefire way to achieve a sustainable position in the Google SERPs. The rankings fluctuate and the results differ, but your authenticity is improved in the eyes of Google bots if you continue to do ethical White Hat SEO. In case you want to buy an older domain for your business or want to buy a new one, contact our experts and make this task easier for yourself.