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About Bulk DA, PA Checker

Domain Authority (DA) is a ranking score that let you know how well your website performs on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). The score of DA ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores representing a greater ability to rank. Therefore, if a website is ranked as 100 it is the best and if it is 1, it needs an improvement. Instead of thinking it as a measure of your SEO efforts, our experts believe that one must use it as an effective metric to use against the other sites to compare the scores. The DA is calculated on the basis of these three factors: Age, size, and popularity. A thoughtfully designed algorithm works behind to gauge the quality of any website. Although our experts can help you calculate the DA score, making it easy for you to calculate yourself, we have developed an expert tool called the Domain Authority Checker. Also known as DA PA Checker, the tool will let you do the bulk checking of a list of URLs for examining the ranking strength of your website. You can easily review your website’s DA score using our Domain Authority Checker.

Often when it comes to link building, you search for the best websites with a high DA score just to ensure that the backlink you get is useful and can help you improve your rankings in SERPs. And, this is where our DA PA Checker tool is useful. Simply copy and paste the URL of the website from where you are planning to get the backlink and click on the ‘Submit’ button. You can check 25 URLs at once for the authenticity factor. You can even sort the result and can prepare a report. The Domain Authority Checker tool is free for use and you can check unlimited web pages on the daily basis.

The DA PA Checker tool is also useful to review the Page Authority (PA) of your webpages. While DA tells about the overall ranking of the entire website or domain, PA gives the ranking strength of a single webpage. And, our tool examines both but differently.

What is Domain Authority?

It is a search engine ranking score of a website that ranges from 1 to 100 on the logarithmic scale. The higher the domain authority score, the higher is the ranking in the search engines. And, similarly, the lower score means that the website needs an improvement to make a good position in the SERPs. It is significantly easier to grow score from 20-30 than it is to grow from 80-90. As your score progresses to a higher value the competition increases. And, therefore, more efforts and investment in marketing tactics are required.

The website with a good Domain Authority is the one with a very large number of high-quality external links. Such as links from websites like Google.com, Wikipedia, etc., which are at the top end of the Domain Authority scale. The websites with a fewer number of inbound links may have lower DA score. We believe that improving your DA score should not be your only aim, but it should be to have a higher score than your competitors. Many marketers use it as a comparative metric when it comes to determining the websites with more powerful and important links. As it is a comparative tool, there is no bad or good DA score. You compare yours with your competitors and move ahead. To know the score of your competitor’s website, use our Domain Authority Checker tool.

Domain Authority Vs. Page Authority

Domain Authority of a website is about determining the rank strength of the overall website or the entire URL. The Page Authority measures the ranking strength of the individual webpages.

How to use our Domain Authority checker tool?

It is easy and quick to check the DA score of 25 URLs all at once using our tool. The Domain Authority Checker allows you to copy and paste the URLs and by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button. After a few seconds, you will get all the URLs listed with their respective DA and PA score. You can copy the result and save it for future reference.

How to check Domain Authority?

You can either use our DA PA Checker tool or can ask our experts to help you check your DA score. Using our tool you not only get to know your DA score but also the Page Authority (PA) score of your webpages. The DA and PA scores are the comparative metrics that give you a clear picture of how much you need to score more to get ahead of the competition.

What score does your website have?

Go to our Domain Authority Checker tool to check your website’s DA score. Simply copy and paste your website’s URL and click on the ‘Submit’ button. And, you will get the DA score of your website.

How to increase Domain Authority?

To make your website more authoritative among your competitors, you need to improve and upscale your DA score. Develop techniques to get backlinks from the website with a high DA score. Focus on creating quality content. Improve the loading speed of the website. Ensure that your website design is search engine friendly. And, now see if your DA score has improved.

How Domain Authority is calculated?

The Domain Authority is calculated on the following factors.

  • Backlinks and types of backlinks
  • Domain Age
  • Content Quality
  • Website Speed
  • Website Design
  • Social Media presence

Conclusion about DA PA Checker

The DA and PA scores are the most important metrics of a website. The higher they are the better it is for the website. Check your website’s DA PA score today. Use our Domain Authority Checker tool and review your DA as well as PA score at once. You can compare your website score with your competitor’s easily and quickly using our tool. The tool is 100% free and gives the genuine results.