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About Title Capitalization Tool

We have always wondered about a tool that can automate the capitalization of the titles and sentences. Especially for work like online publications, academic reports, whitepapers, etc., a great amount of accuracy is required to correctly capitalize the titles for all your writings. Very handy and easy to use, our Title Capitalization is a free tool that precisely works to capitalize headlines and titles of your academics papers and articles. It is quick and correctly capitalizes your given title and sentence at that very instant. It saves the time and efforts of doing it manually and automates the process.

What to capitalize in a title?

When it comes to writing titles and headings for your articles, you get confused about which words to capitalize and whichwords should remain inthe lowercase. And, as there are various styles of title and heading capitalization, your confusion is further compounded. To make it easy for you, Alivenet provides you with Title Capitalization that is built by experts following all the general rules set by the major publications. For those who are in the writing profession, it is important to understand the major rules and styles for capitalization. You must capitalize the heading in accordance with the rules and styles preferred by all publications. This ensures that you do the Headline capitalization correctly and as desired by the publication.

Capitalization in English is quite more than just writing the first letter and the title in capitals. At times some other parts of the sentence or heading need to be capitalized. In such cases, our heading capitalization tool is very useful.

Our Title Capitalizationtool is made to conform to the following capitalization styles.

  • Chicago Style
  • AP style
  • PA Style
  • MLA Style

The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago Style) is associated with an in-depth and comprehensive writing style and mostly used in journalism. On the other hand, the Associated Press Stylebook (AP style) is commonly used by the Press, journalists, and News organizations. Its rules are fairly standard. The APA Style and MLA Style is for scholarly and academics papers. Although these are the rules that are implied by each capitalization style, it is not mandatory to stick to the particular style for a particular type of writing. If you are not sure aboutthe writing style to use, know which style is preferred by the editor, teacher or by the course and hence, use the suggested one.

In general, all the styles obey the following capitalization rules and so does our Title Capitalization tool.

  • The first letter of the title is capitalized
  • The important words* of the title is capitalized
  • The last word of the title is capitalized

*Important words are commonly referred to Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Nouns, and Verbs. Subordinating conjunctions are also counted but only when they are in less than 5 letters.

What not to capitalize in a title?

Based on the headline capitalization rules, there are also some words that are not generally capitalized. The following types of words in less than five letters are usually written in the lower case.

  • Coordinating conjunctions (and, but, for)
  • Articles (a, an, the)
  • Less than five letters Prepositions (from, for, by)

What is Sentence Case style of capitalization?

The Sentence Case style of capitalization implies that you must capitalize only the first word of the sentence and the rest remains the same in the lower-case style. This rule is applicable to all the above mentioned styles of capitalization, with each style having its own set of distinct characteristic.

So, go ahead and use this auto-capitalization tool. Making titles capitalization is really quick and easy. Use our Title Capitalization tool and capitalize your email subject, headlines, titles, and much more.

How to use our title capitalization tool

It is simple. Just type the sentence or the title that needs to be capitalized. You can also copy and paste the sentence or the title. The tool will capitalize your words as you type or paste them in the ‘Type your text here’ bar. For every new capitalization, press the ‘Clear’ button. It is easy, quick, effortless, but quite a useful tool for the professionals as well as the common users.

Advantages of our online Title Capitalization tool

One of the most advantageous features of Title Capitalization tool is that it is effortless, effective, and available for free. It is easy to use and will give the result almost instantly. It is a professional tool that follows the general rules and guidelines of capitalization. It saves time and efforts of manually capitalizing the words of a sentence or a title. Mainly because it automates the capitalization process, it is the first choice of the professional writers to instantly capitalize the titles and sub-headings and save time. Title Capitalization tool is useful when there is a bulk of content to be written and you want to ensure no content goes without correctly capitalized titles. Moreover, the result of the tool is very convenient to copy and paste. Simply click on the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button and paste and in the document required.

Conclusion about Title Capitalization

At Alivenet Solution we believe in developing solutions that ease the human efforts. We develop solutions that are not only affordable but also effective in use. And, Title Capitalization is one of the products. This tool is quite handy and useful for capitalizing the titles, sentence, and headings. With respect to your requirements of capitalization, this tool is robust to deliver the result with utmost accuracy. The Headline capitalization can be a daunting task, especially when the document is lengthy and is to be produced in bulk. Moreover, for the online publications, the correctness in capitalization of titles and sentence is crucial. This is where our tool will be useful. It quickly does the capitalization of a given sentence or a title, saving you the time and efforts. You can use the Title Capitalization tool for free on our website. Whether it is a blog, scholarly article or academics papers consider using the Title Capitalization tool to save your time.