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Word Count Checker – Character, Letter and Word Calculator

While writing content, we often lose track of the total number of words written in the file. Not having the word count in a file may pose problems if there are specific instructions for the total word limit for writing a piece of content. And calculating each word manually isn’t what we really plan to do post investing a few hours on drafting an information-rich content already, do we? That’s where the need for a word counter tool comes.

A Word counter tool brings much ease to the users in many ways. Also, many of these online tools come for free which further increases its value for us! Users can use the online word counter service to keep a check on the number of words or characters used in drafting a specific content, make online improvements, check for grammatical errors, etc.

About Word Count Checker Online Tool

A word counter tool is an internet-based service allowing users to get extensive statistics to report regarding the total word count, total characters count, total characters excluding spaces, etc. As you know word count is an important metric for documenting any form of content, a word count checker supports users in fulfilling this metric by providing a detailed report on the word length and also provides relevant suggestions in making additional improvements to enhance the overall quality of the content. This helps users in maximizing their writing productivity.

The online tool also lets users make changes within their drafted content online and analyze the final draft before releasing the final copy of the content. The Word Count Checker tool is for everyone: authors writing books, students working on an essay, teachers, bloggers, self-employed wordsmiths, translators, professors, and simply all curious souls out there! The mechanism of these online tools is pretty easy which makes it easily accessible and useful to everyone!

How Will the Word Counter Tool Help You?

The tool is extremely helpful in keeping track of the word count, spaces used, characters included, and other important stats of a document but doesn’t use Microsoft word. It saves a lot of time for you by giving one-click answers without letting you spend any amount of time counting the words manually! Not just that, you’ll be relieved from a lot of stress and pain of counting the words you spent hours writing.

The Word Counter tools provide accurate reports to users helping them analyze the mistakes and rectify errors, knowing the total length of the content, and other important information. You can also check your rate of typing speed per minute with the help of the Word count checker. If you wish to make any changes in your content, you can do it online in the content space itself and check for any grammatical errors. The online tool is definitely one utility to make your life easier and provide quick solutions to your requirements. For users who write blogs, reviews, descriptions, in forums, web content, documentation, and basically anything and everything. The intuitive and user-friendly user-interface and convenience of usage are another perks making the Word counter Tool the best free web service for you.

How to Use the Word Count Checker Tool?

You can upload files with different extensions to check their word count on the word counter website such as text documents, excel documents, word documents, PDF documents, PowerPoint documents, or simply copy and paste text in the space provided. You can also type the characters and words in the space provided and the tool will do its job! Any mistakes in spellings or grammatical context will be underlined along with relevant suggestions. The frequently used keywords by you will also appear in suggestions to further speed up your writing. You will see instant updates in the counter; displaying the number of characters, sentences, paragraphs, words, and whitespace in your text. You will also get to find out the keyword density in your text which can be configured by you using the options available there through the Website word count calculator (Free, Online, Bulk, Web page) Tool.

What Browsers are Supported by the Website word count calculator (Free, Online, Bulk, Web page) Tool?

The Word Count Checker is an online tool made available to help users to instantly extract important details of their content file. This handy web version of Word Counter supports files of various extensions and allows users with the freedom to copy & paste or type fresh content in the space provided on the site. The tool supports all popular and major web browsers of the market including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini, UC Browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. The Word counter tool is updated on a frequent basis to provide more useful features ad better user experience each time you visit our website.

Pay Attention to Your Word Count!!

The length of your article has nothing to do with the interest of the readers. They will only find informative content enjoyable. Writers aim to use thought-provoking words that hit the readers and instigates them to read further. But, at the same time, you need to keep a check on the word count as well. Writing a really long blog yet interesting loses its charm because readers don’t tend to spend too much time on a single blog or topic, for that matter. Hence, you need to keep your content interesting but at the same time short and precise. Also, with the advent of visually-pleasing, media-rich content brimming the internet, shorter content gets more limelight! That’s where you get support from a Website word count calculator (Free, Online, Bulk, Web page) Tool! The tool helps you focus on the length of the blog through instant updates on the total word count and character strength while analyzing any mistakes and underlining the same to help you focus on the areas that require your attention.

The bottom line is, pay equal attention to the quality and length of the content. Whether it is a simple article, blog, novel, or documentation; make sure to be very attentive to your word count. Use the free service of word count checker tool to check the statistics of your content file and revise it before releasing the final copy.