Web Devlopment Case Study

Understanding the Concept of Web Development

The internet has been playing a powerful role in bringing the world to the Web. It has
allowed all businesses, professionals, and individuals to exchange goods and services
along with meeting other requirements without moving out of their comfort zones.
The World Wide Web has enabled anyone and everyone to shape their dreams and
present to the world in the form of what we know as a website.
The process of developing a website for the World Wide Web from a simple, static one
page website to the complex web projects, online businesses, and social networking
channels, to others is termed as Website Development.

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Web Design Case Study

All You Need to Know about Web Designing

Whether it is a dynamic web application or a static website, the design is considered to be the most significant part of the process. It is the first element that catches the eyes, and if the design is not good enough, people will leave. Period! This is the reason web design is a crucial factor to attract viewers. Web Designing has the direct link to the page layout and the complete visual aesthetics of any website. It comprises of all the graphical details of an application or website. Web design including standardized coding and it partially overlaps web engineering. The whole process revolves around interface design, graphic design, authoring and more.

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